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I always consume my victims moist.

–Gold Miner, in "Journey Into Night"

The Gold Miner host is a character that was being programmed by Lee Sizemore, who is in charge of Narrative Department for Westworld's Narrative and Design department, for a new narrative which he was working on. The Gold Miner is intended to be a villian character for his narrative "Odyssey on Red River" and is a cannibal programmed to eat his victims.

While still in development, Sizemore attempted to impress Delos Executive Director of the board, Charlotte Hale, implying that the new host is going to be the central villain and key character "Wyatt" in Robert Ford's new narrative.

However Ms. Hale quickly—and accurately—dismisses this suggestion out-of-hand as the self-promoting lie it is, and pointing out that Ford would never allow Sizemore to work on such a key character in Ford's secret narrative.

After the host uprising begins, Sizemore is being stalked in his workshop in the Mesa Hub by the Gold Miner and is about to kill and presumably eat Sizemore when Maeve Millay intervenes and freezes the Gold Miner's motor functions using her new newly self-authorized access to voice commands.