Goldberg is a character on HBO's Westworld, she is played by Rebecca Henderson.



Season Two

"Akane No Mai"

Karl Strand looks at the dead body of Goldberg in the Control Room

"Phase Space"

Goldberg parachuted to the Westworld Mesa Hub along with CoughlinEngels, and other members of Delta Squad. She was later at the Control Room and managed to get the map back online. She then noticed the train (used by Wyatt's gang as bomb) heading towards the hub.

"Les Ecorches"

Goldberg followed the battels in the Mesa from within the Controll Room, trying to coordinate the members of Delta Squad and Westworld QA Security Force during the fight. Eventually members of  Wyatt's gang managed to break into the Controll room and started fighting humans in it. She was trying to get the parks system's back online before joining her comrades in battle. She managed to grab a knife from one of Wyatt's men and dispatch him, before battling another one. Eventually she shot in the back by a female member of the gang and died from the wound.







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