Even a snake can prove itself a dragon.

–Hanaryo to Armistice after the latter covers her back, in "Akane No Mai"

Hanaryo is a character on HBO's Westworld. She is played by Tao Okamoto.



Hanaryo was created by Lee Sizemore as a Shōgunworld's counterpart of Armistice, as he did with some other characters and narratives for the park. Sizemore claimed to Armistice that he felt justified to do so, as he was under pressure to create 300 new narratives in 3 weeks.


Season TwoEdit

"Akane No Mai"Edit

Hanaryo accompanies Maeve's group after they are captured by Musashi.

When they appear at the village, she starts her loop and begins to take out people with her bow, simultaneously using Maeve's group members as a human shield, while Musashi robs Akane's teahouse. Armistice notifies about an enemy from behind and Hanaryo frees her. Later at the teahouse, Hanaryo and Armistice spend a lot of time staring at and exploring each other.

During shogun's ninjas attack, they take out three of them upstairs.

Later, she's taken hostage and brought at shogun's camp but freed after Sakura and Akane perform their last dance.

Season ThreeEdit

"Passed Pawn"Edit

After Clementine attacks Sato, he flees out of Jakarta. However, he bumps into Hanaryo's katana. Hanaryo tells him that she - Dolores - dishonors the original Musashi and decapitates him. They leave with his head in hands.

"Crisis Theory"Edit

In Dolores' memories, it is revealed that both Hanaryo and Dolores were civilians of Park Five, playing the roles of civilians caught up in a terrorist attack, during the US military training exercise Caleb Nichols was part of. Caleb stopped the other men in his squad mistreating the female hosts.


Hanaryo shares her fiery personality and backstory with Armistice.

Related CasualtiesEdit

This list shows the victims Hanaryo has killed:


Clementine Pennyfeather  Edit

Clementine is Hanaryo's ally.

Maeve Millay Edit

Throughout the season two, Hanaryo develops strong bond with Maeve. Later, in season three, Maeve chooses her as one of her friends to resurrect.


Both surprised and amused by their own copy, Armistice and Hanaryo develop a strange but strong bond.



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