I believe that only the truly brave can look at the world and understand that all of it, gods, men, everything else, will end badly. No one will be saved.

–Hector Escaton, "Dissonance Theory"

Hector Escaton is a host and Westworld's permanent “Most Wanted” bandit. He is a terrifying and brutal criminal, and has a dark sense of humor to match. He subscribes to the theory that the world is a mad place, and the only way to survive is to embrace the role of predator. He is portrayed by Rodrigo Santoro.



Hector Escaton is not a first-generation host, but was designed by Lee Sizemore. He's based on a past partner that left Lee, which in turn also became the corner-stone to Hector: A past lover called Isabella, who died. Isabella's death would drive Hector mad and make him the nihilistic bandit he's known for in the park.

Plot Edit


Hector is a cold-blooded killer and outlaw. He takes joy in killing, even laughing while he mows down the other Hosts in his narrative. As the leader of the outlaw group he makes all the plans regarding heists, showing he is quite intelligent.



Armistice is Hector's second in command. He trusts her very much, allowing her to give orders to the outlaws while he is in prison. She cares enough about him to break him out prison. It's unknown whether their relationship runs deeper.

It is revealed in "The Well-Tempered Clavier" that Armistice doesn't care about Hector, as she calls him a fool and attempts to kill him before being shot by Maeve.

Maeve MillayEdit

Maeve and Hector had a complicated relationship, which almost appeared to be 'love-hate'. When Hector and his gang first assault the saloon, she stands and has a minor conversation with the Outlaw, chastising him for choosing a Saloon of all places to rob. Hector also shoots down her insults to him by saying that they both believe in the same thing, that business is dirty.

Hector however becomes the only Host Maeve trusts when she discovers her world is a lie. She enlists his aid multiple times to discover the truth, culiminating in his assisting her escaping from Westworld, though she doesn't permit Hector to go with her.

Charlotte HaleEdit

It is unknown whether Charlotte feels any real affection for Hector, or if their relationship is purely physical. Given Charlotte's disregard for the hosts, it is most probably the latter.

William Edit

Hector only knew the Man in Black for a short time, though within the loop that they met, (which for the MiB, obviously wasn't the first time) William helped Hector escape from prison with "cheats". He sent a signal to Westworld control to turn Cigars into explosives, which allowed them to escape and dispatch a prison guard (with gruesome results).

Hector helped the MiB rescue Lawrence from being executed by Lawmen, gunning down the entire group. When the trio returned to Hector's camp to find Armistice, she shared with William information on the maze, and Hector parted ways with the Man in Black.

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Musashi - Hector's outlaw counterpart in Shōgunworld.

Known DeathsEdit

Hector had died 4 times on screen. The incidents which he died are as follow:

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  • This character was originally called Harlan Bell.
  • "Escaton" is a derived from "éskhatos", the Greek word for "last", which is also the root of the English word "eschatological", which means "pertaining to the Apocalypse".
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