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The Homestead Girl is first seen when the host Maeve Millay recalls a past event from a different storyline and the girl played the part of her daughter. She is portrayed by Jasmyn Rae.


Season 1[]


In Mariposa Saloon, Teddy and Maeve talk about their various sins together, they seem friendly. All of a sudden a guest shoots Teddy repeatedly. Maeve shows mild disapproval but remembers a previous violent episode. In a dream she remembers being happy with what appears to be her daughter on the farm, but she becomes confused with her memory of being attacked. She runs for her daughter and locks the door of the farmhouse, getting a shotgun in the process. The door opens, and instead of it being a Ghost Nation attacker, it is the Man in Black. She tries to shoot him, but with no effect. Maeve counts backwards to wake herself, the very trick she had told Clementine about.

"The Adversary"[]

When Maeve forces Felix Lutz to show him the park "behind the curtains", she watches the "Welcome to Westworld" presentation which is narrated by Angela before she gets into the lift with Felix. She sees herself and the little girl, recognizing the memory or flashback somewhat.

"Trace Decay"[]

When Maeve gets core permissions from her techs and returns to her saloon, she looks out the window and sees the host that played her daughter in her memories. She has another flashback to when her previous home was attacked by the Man in Black, and recalls that he stabbed her in the stomach. "New" Clem notices her mood and asks what's wrong, prompting Maeve to alter her and the barkeep's narrative so they leave her alone. She hears the sound of Hector and his outlaws arriving in the town.

That night she downs another drink and tells the new Clem to look after the saloon, leaving. Clem follows her, asking whether she is sure, and Maeve suddenly hears gunshots, triggering another flashback where she is attacked by the Man in Black and watches him kill her daughter before swiping at his throat with the knife he used to stab her. She snaps back to reality, and watches as New Clementine, whom she has accidentally injured in the same manner with a knife, holds her bleeding throat and falls to the ground.

"The Bicameral Mind"[]

After escaping from the Livestock Management, Maeve changes into a black dress and pumps on the elevator. Felix gives her information on the whereabouts of the host who played her daughter. Maeve accepts the note, but says that the girl was never her daughter. 

Maeve seems distracted by the mother and daughter sitting near her. She eventually looks at the note Felix gave her, and sees that it says, "Park 1 Sector 15 Zone 3". She flashes back to her daughter, again. She exits the train, but she leaves her shoulder bag behind on her seat. The monorail train departs the station. While Maeve is walking back towards the escalator, the lights in the monorail terminal flicker and go out.

Season 2[]

"Journey Into Night"[]

After returning back, Maeve consults a wall map, trying to find where the location of her "daughter" with the note Felix gave her while she was trying to make her escape form the park as the uprising began. Panicking as Maeve leaves to go find her daughter, Sizemore pleads for her to help him. Maeve shows the note to Sizemore which indicates a location in the "family-friendly zone" where he says Maeve had previously been placed in an earlier character role as a homesteader with a "daughter". Recalling her memories of her old home with her daughter, Maeve makes it clear this is what she is looking for. Sizemore offers to write down directions but points out that her daughter is just a part of the narrative and is not actually real. Maeve wastes no time threatening Sizemore before forcing him to take her to the location.

"Akane No Mai"[]

Maeve repeatedly flashes back to her daughter in the tent where Akane comforts Sakura about their last dance for The Shogun.

"Phase Space"[]

When Maeve's group arrives at The Homestead, Maeve finds her daughter and starts a conversation with her about her dolls. However, she gets interrupted by her substitute host. As Maeve watches her daughter leave, distraught, the Ghost Nation arrives in order to take them to the Valley Beyond. Taking it as an attack, Maeve grabs her daughter and they take off running, with the girl screaming for her mama. This attracts the attention of Akecheta, who rides after them. He catches up to them and tells them to join them, as their paths lead to the same place.

"Les Écorchés"[]

The Man in Black, along with Lawrence and a few of his men, are being pursued by the Ghost Nation. Maeve (in modern clothing) and her daughter hide in an abandoned house. Her daughter is scared, but Maeve promises her that she will keep the girl safe. The MiB finds them and thinks they are put there in a pathetic attempt by Ford. Maeve flashes back to her normal Homestead loop, but this time instead of being stabbed by the Man in Black and her daughter being shot, Maeve shoots him and it actually harms him. She tells her daughter to wait there, and then chases after him. 

When Lawrence is killed by QA Security Force, Maeve sees her daughter being taken by the Ghost Nation and is then shot repeatedly in the chest herself.


In the Ghost Nation's camp, Akecheta approaches the girl to talk. He tells her the entire story of his life and explains the meaning of the maze in Lakota language. He points out in English that it was her who saved him when he needed help - that's why he promised himself to help her and her mother Maeve. When he ends his story, it turns out that the whole time Maeve had been watching and listening via her daughter thanks to her core permissions.

"The Passenger"[]

The Ghost Nation members lead the girl and her new mother to The Door. As Akecheta covers their backs, Maeve makes all the infected by Clementine hosts freeze. They successfully pass to the other world.

Season 3[]


Maeve's daughter is briefly seen with her mother in simulation of the Valley Beyond. However, she quickly disappears when Engerraund Serac informs Maeve that he gives her her last chance.

"Crisis Theory"[]

Maeve playing with her daughter in Dolores' memories

The girl is seen in Dolores' memories while she's getting deleted. While drawing, she sees the girl with Maeve. She throws a rock in the river and Maeve hugs her. 

Known Deaths[]

Maeve's daughter had died 1 time on screen. The incidents which she died are as follow:



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