Horace Calhoun is a character on HBO's Westworld. He is Host and bandit in the Westworld Park. He is played by Darrel Cherney.


Horace Calhoun is an option for guests if guests want go bounty hunting .

Season One

The Stray

Horace was arrested by Holden and brought to Deputy Rogers. Holden mocked him for his looks before leaving. Horace managed to break free and kill the Deputy and a few others Hosts, before taking Clementine Pennyfeather as an hostage. During this he bragged about "his biography" which presumably meant his murder spree for which he was wanted. William aimed at Horace but was shot by the Host first. However, as William was guest, he didn't die and was able to kill Horace.


Horace was programmed to be an bandit, making him violent and overall "disgusting". He enjoyed killing presumably, like Remus and Walter, also raping.





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