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The human-host hybrids is a developing technology being tested in Westworld.

The hybrid project was started by James Delos - founder of Delos Inc., and William - majority shareholder of Delos Inc., in an attempt to cheat death.

The hybrid project consists of imprinting human's developed mind onto a control unit, then inserting the control unit into a host body. The project's testing lasted 30 years, and have never succeeded. The devoloped human mind can only last for a short period of time before falling apart (record: 35 days). The symptoms include uncontrollable twitches, speech impediments and violent outbursts. One known test subject - James Delos, was built, and quickly deteriorated, then incinerated for 149 times.

Known Hybrids

  • James Delos (builds 1-149) - being tested over the course of 30 years at Lab 12
  • Robert Ford - made a copy of himself, then uploaded himself onto the Cradle, later shared a control unit with Bernard. Eventually deleted by Bernard
  • William - being tested in the ruins of the Forge

Known Testing Facilities

  • Lab 12 - used for the testing of hybrid James Delos
  • Lab 14 - used to gather guests' data
  • The Forge - used to store guests' data


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