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Jake Reed is the husband of Charlotte Hale and father of Nathan Hale.


Season Three

"The Winter Line"



Earlier in the day, Charlotte asks Jake to take Nathan as she has an important meeting at work. He reluctantly agrees, but Hale questions him when she notices his Incite file open on the table. Jake reveals that he couldn't bring himself to read it, however.

Later in the day, Charlotte calls Jake and tells him to be ready to leave, she will pick them up in thirty-minutes. When she arrives, she rushes Jake and Nathan into the car and asks Jake to trust her, revealing that they need to get somewhere safe. Shortly after — on orders from Engerraund Serac — their car is blown up, killing Jake (and Nathan) instantly.


Killed By

To eliminate Charlotte's host version, Serac orders his men to track down and blow up the Charlotte's car. Jake, alongside his son, Nathan, doesn't survive the explosion.