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The hell, god dammit, that's not supposed to happen!

–John, after being bitten by a robotic snake

John Blane is the secondary protagonist of the 1973 film Westworld. He is played by James Brolin.


Westworld (film)

John has previously been to the park and acts as guide for the film's primary protagonist, Peter Martin. While friendly, he sometimes seems annoyed at Peter's questions and ignorance towards life (Peter's divorce) and their park of choice.

In the Saloon, John encourages Peter to challenge The Gunslinger in a duel after the Gunslinger deliberately bumped into Peter. After the showdown at the Saloon, John and Peter go to the hotel. In the hotel room, Peter wonders how guests don't injure with each other with guns. John tells Peter to try to shoot him. When nothing happens after Peter pulls the trigger, John tells Peter that the guns have sensing device and that the gun will not fire at anything with a high body temperature. Later that night, the two hook up with a couple of prostitutes.

The next morning, the Gunslinger confronts John while John was shaving. Peter rescues John by shooting the Gunslinger. John later helps Peter escape from prison by sneaking in some explosives and the duo escape to the desert. While hiding out in the desert, a rattlesnake bites and injures John. John and Peter quickly shoot the rattlesnake. The injury angers John, as robots are supposed to harm Delos guests.

That night, John and Peter engage in bar brawl. The two wake up late the next morning unaware of the park's breakdown. While walking on Westworld's empty street, the Gunslinger once again challenges the two to a dual. With Peter reluctant to dual again, John decides to dual the Gunslinger instead. The Gunslinger outdraws and shoots John, injuring John. A shocked John tells Peter that he is shot. The Gunslinger fires his gun again, killing John.


Killed By

On the streets, after the Gunslinger gets repaired again, he confronts the couple again. Being unaware of the fact the Gunslinger is malfunctioning, they invite him to do the first step. The Gunslinger draws his gun and shoots John in the heart, much more to his suprise. He shoots him again, and John falls dead on the ground.

Related Casualties

This list shows the victims John has killed:

  • Sheriff (Physical Body)
  • 1 robotic snake (Alongisde Peter Martin)



  • It has been suggested he serves as an early incarnation of Logan. Logan, like John, serves as a guide to (young) William, but is much more hostile towards William's choices than John to Peter. Moreover, Logan is way more antagonistic than John is.


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