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If you keep pretending - you're not gonna remember who you are.

–Juliet to William about his true nature inside the park, in Vanishing Point

Juliet is William's wife and Logan's sister. She is first seen in a photograph found by Peter Abernathy. Logan is also shown holding the same photograph in The Well-Tempered Clavier. In the Jimmi Simpson years, she's played by Claire Unabia and in the Ed Harris years, by Sela Ward.


Season One

"The Original"

Host Peter Abernathy discovers a photograph of Juliet in the dirt. He sits up all night staring at the photograph, clearly disturbed. Following this, he is "lobotomized" and decommissioned.

"Trace Decay"

Old William tells Teddy how his wife died a year previous (after taking the wrong pills and falling asleep in the bath). His daughter believes his wife killed herself and blames her father, William, for her mother's death. She says that her mother had been terrified of William for years.

"The Bicameral Mind"

Young William accidentally drops the photograph of her while riding.

Logan tells William that Delos should heavily invest in Westworld. He comes to believe that William only wants to marry Juliet in order to steal the company, Delos Incorporated from his family.

Season Two


Juliet is present at her father's retirement party, where she and William catch Emily interacting with Dolores. She appears vaguely annoyed by Dolores's presence.

"The Riddle of the Sphinx"

After James Delos's host copy begins to malfunction after his 149th iteration and starts ranting at William about stealing his company and having sex with his daughter, William breaks the news that Juliet had committed suicide the previous year.

After watching Major Craddock torture Lawrence's Wife by forcing her to carry a shotglass full of nitroglycerin, the Man in Black watches the rain outside, which triggers a flashback to him finding Juliet dead in the bathtub. When Craddock then boasts about how he has managed to escape death, the Man in Black tells him that the dead need to stay dead before attacking Craddock and helping rescue Lawrence's Wife.

"Vanishing Point"

Years ago, Juliet attempted to give Emily a gift of a music box with a ballerina in it. Emily threw it out as she thought her mother had forgotten she was no longer a dancer, only to regret it and try to recover it from the trash. However, it was no longer there, and Emily always assumed she had been too late to retrieve it.

Much like her brother, Juliet became an addict in her later years, and had been committed to rehab multiple times. At a party one evening she helps William get out of an awkward conversation and later drops a drink while speaking to some other guests. William and Emily express concern for her mental health.

Returning to their home, Juliet begins criticizng William, calling him "Billy" and remarking on the horrible things Logan told her William did in the park. She accuses him of faking a kind demeanor and being a "phony," and having tricked her brother and father. Emily shows up, having seen the whole thing, and tells Juliet that they need to take her back to the rehab center. Juliet tries to get through to Emily, insisting that she tried to make things work with her father but fails. William takes Juliet to their bed and tucks her in, but Juliet asks him to tell her the truth about him, because if he keeps pretending he will no longer remember who he is. William gives her some water and, thinking she has fallen asleep, admits that she is right about him and that he had learned something horrible about himself in the park, and apologizes to her for having tricked her all these years. However, Juliet hears everything and discovers the personality file William had of himself, which he had hidden in one of their books. Inspecting it, she sees all of the captured videos of the horrible things William has committed in the park. She realizes that he suffers from delusions and paranoia. Her worst fears confirmed, she hides the file in Emily's music box (which she had recovered from the trash), knowing Emily will eventually find it.

Later that night, Emily and William discuss Juliet and committing her, noting she may not leave this time around. They then notice water dripping from the ceiling, and William rushes upstairs to discover Juliet has overdosed in the tub.


Killed By

  • Herself (Suicide)

After learning about her husband's true but horrid personality, Juliet cannot more live with a man who was fake all the time. She commits suicide in a bathtub by overdosing herself.

Related Casualties

This list shows the victims Juliet has killed:

  • Herself (Suicide)



  • Juliet was born as Juliet Delos, after she married William she took his surname.
  • Juliet's image was initially sourced from a Getty stock photo licensed by the production company. The model in the image is Claire Unabia, who appeared on America's Next Top Model.[1] Unabia confirmed her identity to The Huffington Post via e-mail, writing that it was "So cool to find that I am a character on ‘Westworld’ unbeknownst to me!" She estimated that the photo was probably taken about 4 years ago. Spotted by reddit user 2EyedRaven.
  • Unabia later had the opportunity to play Juliet in person in Reunion. In an interview with Huffington Post, she explained HBO contacted her, with some difficulty, after Season 1 had finished airing. Upon arriving on the set, she met a director who, thinking he knew her, started a conversation with her only to suddenly exclaim a few minutes later, "Oh my gosh! You're from the picture!"[2]

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