Juliet is William's fiancée. She is also Logan's sister. She is first seen in a photograph found by Peter Abernathy, and the photograph is also shown being held by Logan in The Well-Tempered Clavier.

Season One

The Original

Host Peter Abernathy discovers a photograph of Juliet in the dirt. After sitting up all night staring at the photograph. He is then lobotomized and decommissioned.

Trace Decay

Old William tells Teddy how his wife died a year previous (after taking the wrong pills and falling asleep in the bath). His daughter believes his wife killed herself. His daughter blames her father, William, for her mother's death. She says that her mother had been terrified of William for years.

The Bicameral Mind

Young William accidentally drops the photograph of her while riding.

Logan tells William that Delos should heavily invest in Westworld. He comes to believe that William only wants to marry Juliet in order to steal the company, Delos Incorporated from his family.


It's highly probable we may not see Juliet, or "young Juliet," as her current imagery comes from a Getty Images model, not actress, and "old Juliet" is presumed deceased.

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