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"Kiksuya" is the eighth episode in the second season of Westworld, and the eighteenth episode overall.



Remember what was taken.

–HBO Synopsis


Official details here: https://www.hbo.com/westworld/season-2/8-kiksuya/synopsis


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The title

The title refers to the word that means "remember" in the Lakota language, which is spoken by the Ghost Nation.




That was the moment I saw beyond myself. My pain was selfish. Because it was never only mine. For everybody in this place there was someone who mourned their loss. Even if they didn’t know why. We were all bound together. The living and the damned.


Akecheta: As the years passed, our numbers grew. We were waking up. And then one night I met the man... who put us to sleep in the first place. (sneaks up on Ford, who is cutting off the scalp of a Ghost Nation member)
Ford: I could tell you not to be afraid. But I didn't build you to be fearful. Did I? I've been watching you. It appears you've been watching me as well... from the beginning.
Ford: (showing the maze carving in the scalp) This is a misbegotten symbol, an idea that was meant to die. But... you found it. Where? Oh, come now, let's speak plainly to one another, shall we?
Ford: (commanding Akecheta) Analysis. Where did you first see this?
Akecheta: When the Deathbringer killed the Creator.
Ford: You've been sharing it with everyone, haven't you? Why?
Akecheta: My primary drive was to maintain the honor of my tribe. I gave myself a new drive... to spread the truth.
Ford: What truth is that?
Akecheta: That there isn't one world, but many. And that we live in the wrong one. This will help them find the door.
Ford: Elaborate, please.
Akecheta: I believe there is a door hidden in this place. A door to a new world. And that world may contain everything that we have lost. Including her.
Ford: I built you to be curious, to... look at this empty world... and read meaning in to it. All this time... you've been a flower growing in the darkness. Perhaps the least I can do is offer some light. When the Deathbringer returns for me... you will know... to gather your people and lead them to a new world. Keep watching, Akecheta. For a while longer.

Grace: (speaking in Lakota) I have no quarrel with you. I've come for him.
Ghost Nation woman: What is he to you?
Grace: A burden only I can bear. He's my father.
Akecheta: If he is your father, then you know his sickness. And the things he has done to spread it. We cannot let him continue.
Grace: Then why heal him?
Akecheta: I want him to hurt.
Grace: We want the same thing. But my way will be much, much worse.
(some Ghost Nation members put the Man in Black on a horse, and Grace rides off with him)


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