Kissy, full name Kisecawchuck,[citation needed] is a minor character in the first season of Westworld. He is an Indian (one half, according to his employer) card and contraband dealer who works at the Mariposa Saloon in Sweetwater. Kissy is played by Eddie Rouse.



Kissy is a host who worked as a faro and blackjack dealer at the Mariposa Saloon. At some point, a design of the Maze was embedded in his scalp.[1]

The revelation of Akecheta tattooing the maze design inside the scalp of his followers, indicates Kissy was previously a member of the Ghost Nation.[2]

Season One


A map of The Maze is found in Kissy's scalp.

After finishing his shift one night at the saloon, Kissy heads outside. Suddenly, his throat is savagely cut by the Man in Black. Rather than kill him outright, the Man brings Kissy to a large mesa or plateau. He is carefully bled by the Man in Black and left with three liters of "blood" in order to keep him barely alive. While in this dire state the Man questions him about the Maze, and during the interrogation Kissy gives him a lead about Lawrence's family in Las Mudas. Knowing that Kissy is an Indian, the Man in Black remarks that there is "a lot of wisdom in ancient cultures." Subsequently, he scalps Kissy, and finds what looks like the Maze imprinted on his scalp. Satisfied, the Man in Black holds on to Kissy's scalp as a visual reminder of his purpose, and supposedly leaves Kissy's body behind to be recovered by park staff.[1]



  • The actor who played Kissy, Eddie Rouse, passed away in 2014 after filming of "The Original" was completed. Jonathan Nolan said Westworld had "a very cool character arc laid out for his character," but it was decided to not recast Kissy. The scripts were rewritten to leave the performance (Rouse's last) intact. [3]
  • The character's full name, Kisecawchuck, means "daystar" in Cree.[4]


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