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- Take my heart when you go.

- Take mine in its place.

–Kohana to Akecheta (and vice versa) to show their love to each other, in "Kiksuya"

Kohana is a character in HBO's Westworld. She is a Host and is played by Julia Jones (Old Kohana) and Sarah Alami (New Kohana).



Kohana is a tribeswoman living in a tribe of Native-Americans in the Westworld park. 


Season Two[]


Kohana is seen in Akecheta's flashback, where they were lovers in a tribe of Native-Americans.

After Akecheta's narrative gets rewritten to a cold-blooded killer, he returns to the the same village he's been living with Kohana to make a trade. He does not realize that he has been there until he sees her. He realizes that he has had former lives. After discovering The Forge and understanding that that is the wrong world, he sneaks back into the camp during a night. He wants to take his wife with him to escape the wrong world. He wakes her up and takes her, tied up, with him.

As they travel, he stops at a stream to wash the war paint off of his skin. He shows her kindness by removing the rope that had been around her wrists. He repeats an endearing phrase he once told her and she remembers him. He tells his love that he will show her the way out, but he does not remember the exact location of the door; he believes that together they will find it.

The next day when he returns from hunting, he sees two park employees loading Kohana into a dune buggy. They are curious how she strayed so far from her normal narrative. He returns to their village, but where he had found her the previous night is "a ghost" - another woman.

Akecheta says that he now sees through the lies. He travels everywhere looking for the door and Kohana. There were days where he was barely able to cling to his life, but he thanks the girl he is telling the story to as he recalls her giving him water as he is crawling half dead.

He talks to one of the older women in his former village and he realizes that her son has been replaced. He realizes that the only way to be reunited with his wife is to go back to his old path of killing the settlers. However, he allows himself to be killed because he believes he will be reunited with Kohana in death.

When Ake is taken to the Livestock Management, he wakes up after his techs leave, goes down and discovers the room where the outdated hosts are stored, and there he finds Kohana (as well as the village woman's son). When she does not respond to him, he begins crying and he realizes that he is not the only one who mourns for these lost "people". He knows that many of the others just do not know why they mourn.

"The Passenger"[]

It is very likely that Dr. Robert Ford had prematurely uploaded Kohana's mind, off-screen, into the Valley Beyond as a reward if he succeeds in delivering all the hosts to their "heaven." When Akecheta makes his way into The Door, he sees smiling Kohana.


Kohana is a calm, devoted and caring person who is able to share profound love with her true lover, Akecheta, even after her narrative got rewritten.



Kohana and Akecheta are shown at the beginning of "Kiksuya" to be scripted as loving partners.  He leaves a flower in their bedroll for her to discover when she awakens, and they share affectionate sayings and embraces.  He returns for her after being rewritten, spurred by the seemingly transcendent nature of their bond.  She fears him at first, but after recognizing him and accessing the memories of her previous builds, she trusts him completely, and is willing to follow him in pursuit of The Door despite never having seen it herself.  She is truly in love with Ake, and he with her.  After being replaced and relegated to Cold Storage, she becomes his motivation for waking up the other hosts and inspiring them to rebellion.



  • "Kohana" means "lover", "honey" and "darling" in Ukrainian and derives from the word "to love".


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