A Laser Satellite Uplink has only one purpose, to obtain data without Park officials knowing.

Season OneEdit


While examining the decommissioned Host "Woodcutter", Elsie spots a small glowing, red light within his left palm. Upon further inspection, she realizes the lights travel up his entire forearm. Elsie brings the mechanism quickly to Bernard, proving that someone is trying to sabotage the park. According to Elsie, the stray wasn't wandering off-loop for some star-gazing; he was being used to smuggle information out of the park. When caught, he essentially self-destructed. She also says that Bernard was correct when it came to Orion's belt, as the Host wasn't looking at the stars and carving them after all.

"Trace Decay"Edit

The Uplink is seen on a table next to Theresa Cullen's body. Ashley Stubbs refers to it while explaining how he believes Theresa dies. Charlotte Hale nervously touches it while Stubbs explains, as she and Theresa were the ones using it to transmit data.


  • It is unknown if there is a link between the smuggled data and the influx of malfunctioning hosts within the park.


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