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Lauren Weber is Arnold's wife. Not long after the death of her son, her husband died in an "accident" in the Westworld park. An artificial version of her is seen talking to Bernard in "The Stray" as part of his backstory.


Season One

"The Stray"

Lauren has a video call conversation with her husband Bernard. They reminisce over their dead son Charlie, and Bernard tells Lauren that the pain he feels over Charlie is all that he has left of him.[1]

"The Well-Tempered Clavier"

Lauren is seen during Bernard's flashbacks. He remembers their video call, but sees Lauren's face change to Ford's, showing that the call wasn't really with his wife.[2]

Season Two

"Les Écorchés"

Season Three

"Crisis Theory"

Bernard is sent by Lawrence to see "her". Bernard believes this to be a message from Dolores requesting him to visit her, and as he arrives at the address given to him, he tells Stubbs that he is going to talk with Dolores. Upon knocking at the door, the care worker tells Bernard that he looks familiar — she has seen him in the photographs. Bernard looks around and it becomes clear that it is Lauren he is visiting, not Dolores.

Lauren doesn't recognise Bernard at first, but eventually comes to believe that he is Arnold Weber, her late husband; it becomes apparent that Bernard's narrative back-story is based on the life and family of Arnold. Lauren and Bernard talk, before Bernard departs.


Bernard Lowe

An AI version of Lauren is part of Bernard's backstory. He had phone calls with Lauren during his time working for Ford.

Arnold Weber

Lauren and Arnold were married and had a child. After Charlie's death it can be assumed they drifted apart somewhat, just like in Bernard's backstory.



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