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Lawrence's Daughter is a Host at Westworld. She is portrayed by child actress Izabella Alvarez.



The host was created as the daughter of Lawrence in the fictional world of Westworld and resides in the town of Las Mudas.[1]

Season One


The Man in Black pulls Lawrence behind him with a rope, bringing home to his wife and daughter. He is looking for answers or hints to The Maze, knowing he can find them there. After her mother is murdered, the child finally tells him to "follow the Blood Arroyo (a dry creek or river bed) to the place where the snake lays its eggs."

"Dissonance Theory"

While Dolores Abernathy is on the run with William they end up in the same small town that Lawrence is from. There, Dolores spots the young child. Dolores begins talking to the girl. As they speak, Dolores hears a voice saying the word "remember". As she is interrupted by another Host, she turns back to see the child has disappeared.

Season Two

"The Riddle of the Sphinx"

The Man in Black saves the people of Las Mudas from Major Craddock and the Confederados. As he is leaving town Lawrence's Daughter tells him that she remembers what he did to her family previously, and that one good deed will not redeem him for that. The Man in Black, addressing her as Ford, denies that he was doing a good deed, and that he is simply playing the game as they want him to. Lawrence's Daughter rejects this line of thinking: "And you still don't understand the real game we're playing here. If you're looking forward, you're looking in the wrong direction."[2]



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