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"Livestock Management" is a division of the Westworld Mesa Hub sometimes referred to as the "Body Repair Shop". Their main purpose is to maintain, update and keep logs of the active Host's within Westworld. All Hosts must be cleared from the Body Shop before entering Behavior Lab and Diagnostics.

When a Host is shot/killed/injured or has a certain malfunction, they are brought to this section of the facility. They are first prepped for repair, then sent to the "body shop repair room" for surgery.

An example of this, is when Host Maeve Millay was shot in the stomach and brought into operation. The Host is put into sleep mode during the process, though in Maeve's case, she woke up during her operation.[1]

There is a "host intake protocol" that each staff member must abide by. The following is a step-by-step of this protocol.

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  • Admins must also keep precise logs of each Host that comes through the doors. At all times they must know the movements of every Host. They can be seen in the log below.
  • There is an incinerator in the Westworld Mesa Hub. It is unclear whether it is in the Livestock Management area or elsewhere, but Hosts that must be destroyed clear Livestock division first, and then are brought to the incinerator.


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