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A "loop" is when the end of a host's storyline or narrative leads to a restarting (a.k.a. resetting) of the host's storyline or narrative from the beginning. Loops can last for any amount of time as long as the host returns to a set starting point.

An Example of a Loop: Dolores Abernathy[]

  • She wakes every morning and walks outside to greet her father on the porch.
  • She shops in Sweetwater, and while loading her saddlebag she drops a can of condensed milk.
  • A guest might pick up the can for her. Or, Teddy could pick up the can, and the two ride off together on horseback.
  • If Dolores picks it up herself, she rides to the riverbank and paints.
  • After Dolores heads home:
    • If Dolores goes home alone after painting there are two possibilities. Either 'all is quiet', she eats dinner, goes to sleep, and the narrative resets, or there's an attack at the ranch.
    • If Dolores goes home with Teddy, there are similar outcomes. Either Peter Abernathy (Dolores' father) will make Teddy leave, and then Dolores goes to sleep and the storyline resets, or there's an attack at the Abernathy Ranch.
  • Attack at the Ranch:
    • The attack is almost always coordinated by hosts with at least one guest with them. According to the flowchart, if it's a "skilled guest" then the outcome is that Dolores' parents are killed and Dolores can be 'used' however the guest wants.
    • The guest might play 'good guy', and save Dolores from the bandits.

Flowchart of Dolores' Storyline: shows her loop[]


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