Hector Escaton: "Just who are you supposed to be?"
Man in Black: "Your Salvation."
Dissonance Theory

The "Los Diablos Prison", as the Control Room calls it, is where Hector Escaton is being held and the Man in Black travels to rescue Hector. Lawrence calls the prison, Ojal Prison.

Season One

"Dissonance Theory"

In an armored carriage, the Man in Black and Lawrence are handcuffed, accompanied by Deputy Roe. The Man in Black offers a cigar to Deputy Roe, who steals them from him save one. The Man in Black turns to Lawrence, explaining to him that he is fixed in a loop and that he is actually here to set him free.

Outside the prison, Deputy Foss berates Deputy Roe for not realizing who Lawrence was. The Man in Black tells Foss that Lawrence would prefer to be killed by firing squad, and Foss obliges, telling Deputy Roe to lock the Man in Black up while they prepare to execute Lawrence. While in his jail cell, it is revealed that the Man in Black is locked up with Hector. The Man in Black refers to Hector as a "prized poodle", locked in a cycle, and asks Hector about his worldview. Hector responds that only the truly brave can understand the world, by accepting that everything will end badly and no one will be saved. The Man in Black tells Hector that instead of having to wait three days to be broken out of the prison, they can break out now. The Man in Black's cigar is revealed to actually contain small explosives and therefore he lights it with the match given to him by Armistice. The match striking seems to trigger a pyrotechnics request from the Control Room. “I’ve got a request for a pyrotechnic effect. Los Diablos, low-yield, two charges,” says a tech from the control room. The effect is approved and the cigar explodes, opening the cell door and freeing the Man in Black and Hector.

As they leave, the Man in Black saves Lawrence once again from being executed. They all ride off, Hector reunites with Armistice before heading back into Sweetwater.



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