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Maeve Millay is beautiful and razor-sharp. She has a knack for reading people and a strong will to survive. Millay has a seen-it-all-before worldview that is about to be truly challenged.

–Official Description

Maeve Millay is a Host in Westworld who is a brothel madam in the local Mariposa Saloon. She is one of the first Hosts who begins to question her reality, after a series of flashback events.

Season 1

The Original

Maeve watches as Teddy Flood declines the advances of Clementine Pennyfeather. Maeve is listening and says that he has to pay in one way or another, whatever he does. He's not listening however. Through the window he sees Dolores Abernathy coming out of a store and he leaves the bar without speaking again to the women, before running across the street to her. The questions and answers continue in voice-over: "Do you ever feel inconsistencies in your world? Or repetitions?" "All lives have routine, mine's no different." she says. Later, Maeve is in the saloon when Hector Escaton and his gang come to rob the safe.[1]


Another day, Maeve is giving her standard introduction speech, about the little voice, to a newly arrived guest. While she speaks we see her remember being attacked by a native American with an axe. She's dressed in farmers' clothing and has a small girl, most likely her daughter, with her. The new guest sees she's distressed and gets up, excusing himself. Maeve doesn't seem to notice him leave.

Maeve flashes back to a memory of protecting her possible Host daughter.

We see Maeve in Analysis Mode undergoing a review, she's sitting on a stool while a man talks. He asks her "what did it say?" she answers that "This is the new world etc." The man examines her and can't see the problem, can't see why her success rate has dropped. They decide to double her "aggression" in a last attempt to get her numbers back up.

We see Maeve being decommissioned, Elsie is examining her, she doesn't approve of the extra aggression "those morons" have added. She saves Maeve's current config and makes some small, precisely targeted, adjustments. Her assistant asks if they dream,. Elsie says they don't, but that they do have the concept of dreams as a safety precaution. She notes that Maeve has some physical discomfort and schedules a full physical examination at her next rotation. Elsie passes her as fit and puts her back to work. We see Maeve flirting, very successfully, with a guest. Elsie's adjustments have worked and she's back on form.

Teddy and Maeve talk, about their various sins, they seem friendly.

Soon a guest shoots Teddy, repeatedly. Maeve shows mild disapproval but remembers a previous violent episode. In a dream she remembers being happy with her daughter on the farm, but it becomes confused with her being attacked. She runs for her daughter and locks the door of the farmhouse, getting the shotgun.

The door opens on the Man in Black, she tries to shoot him but with no effect. Maeve counts backwards to wake herself.

Maeve awakes on the operation table, disoriented and scared.

She wakes on the examination table during her physical; and two technicians are cleaning up an MRSA infection in her abdomen. She opens her eyes and looks around her - scared. They see her moving and are taken off guard. They try to control her with no luck, blaming each other. She threatens them with a scalpel, telling them to keep their hands off her. She escapes from the room and runs, holding her abdomen together.

She finds herself in an area where damaged hosts are repaired, she sees Teddy with the gunshot wounds. While she's watching, the two technicians retrieve her. They hide the fact that she awoke and behaved strangely.[2]

The Stray

Teddy and a guest head to the Mariposa after a successful bounty hunt. Upon seeing Teddy, Maeve flashes to her memory of him deceased in the Livestock Management facility. She's steadily growing more and more curious about the happenings of her world and reality.[3]

Dissonance Theory

At the saloon, a troubled Maeve speaks to Clementine. During their conversation, Maeve suddenly remembers Clementine as having been shot in the head, followed by the appearance of a Westworld employee wearing a protective suit. She then remembers being shot herself in the stomach.

Maeve begins to question everything and has more flashbacks.

In her bedroom, Maeve sketches the suit on a piece of paper and attempts to hide it under a floorboard. Opening the floorboard, she is shocked to discover many more of her sketches already there.

Maeve finds the bullet in her stomach.

Later, a group of Native American hosts pass through and a young girl drops a wooden figurine, which appears to be modeled after the protective suit worn by the Westworld employees. She picks it up and asks the girl where it was from, but is told by a bystander host that it is part of their unintelligible religion.

Back at the saloon, Maeve recognizes one of Hector's men. Clementine asks her if Hector is the one that lives with the Native American "savages", to which Maeve replies in the affirmative.

As he rides into town with Armistice, Hector's saloon heist-loop begins once again, this time accompanied by some guests. Once Hector is in the saloon, Maeve puts a gun to his head and demands that they talk alone. Upstairs, Maeve shows him the wooden figurine, offering to give him the combination to the safe in return for answers.

Hector and Maeve kiss as bullets fire through the bedroom door.

As guests are revealed to be coming to the park in 20 minutes, the Westworld employees decides to jam Hector's groups' weapons to end the heist early. Hector tells Maeve that the figure is a "shade" that the Native Americans make figurines of. They believe them to be from hell, sent to oversee our world. Maeve tells Hector that she thought she was crazy, yet she knows she got shot in the stomach and that she saw the protective suit standing over her, even though it later seemed like it never happened due to no resulting wound. Maeve uses a blade to cut into her own stomach, then makes Hector dig out the bullet shrapnel inside, convincing Maeve that she is not crazy at all. Maeve begins to kiss Hector passionately as bullets fire through the door.[4]


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