The cunning and seductive Mariposa madam Maeve Millay is finely attuned to your desires; her intuition and perception will surely impress.


Maeve gets off the train, at the end of "The Bicameral Mind" at which point, we shift to handheld camera, which we’d held back on throughout the entire season until one moment with her, and one moment with Dolores, when Teddy comes to rescue her.

–Jonathan Nolan[1]

Maeve Millay is a Main Character and a Host in Westworld who is a brothel madam in the local Mariposa Saloon. She is one of the first Hosts who appears to question her reality, after a series of flashback events.


Season Two

"Journey Into Night"

After returning to the hub, she saves Lee Sizemore from being eaten by the Gold Miner host he was developing for his new narrative. She quickly reveals she is immune to his voice commands while inspecting a wall map in an attempt to find the location of her "daughter" with the note Felix gave her while she was trying to leave. She then attempts to leave, prompting the terrified Sizemore to offer his help, begging her to escort him to the control center where he can show her a 3D map of the park. To her disappointment, the map is broken due to the violence in the control center. Sizemore learns what Maeve is looking for and offers to give her directions, but points out that her daughter is simply a robot and is not real. Maeve angrily threatens Sizemore before forcing him to lead the way rather than simply give her directions.

She and Sizemore continue through the Hub, where she encounters the dying Coy Female Host from the Mariposa Saloon, and gives her a command that allows her to die peacefully. A security team arrives, and Maeve pretends to be a staff member, but Sizemore attempts to out her to the team. Before they can take any action, several hosts attack from around the corner and kill several of them, and Maeve retrieves her gun and kills the rest. She then spares Sizemore from death by the hosts, while reminding him that she is perfectly capable of killing him. They make their way up to the Mesa Gold Bar and find a badly injured Hector. Maeve kisses him before explaining her plan.

The three then head to Livestock Management to repair Hector's wounds. Maeve then makes plans for them to head into the park to find her daughter, and makes Sizemore change into Westworld clothing. However, she makes sure that he first strips for them entirely, putting him in the same vulnerable position he had left her and the other hosts in before.


Maeve is very charming and perceptive. As the brothel madam of Mariposa she is very composed and is able to read people very well, to find out what they want or need. As she becomes self-aware she develops a ruthless streak, as seen when she threatens to kill Sylvester and later slices his throat open as a demonstration of her new abilities. Since Maeve was programmed to escape, her consciousness was triggered in her encounter with the Man in Black which due to her Reveries activated her motherly instincts, this was fully potentialized with Dolores whispers in her ears. Her consciousness tends to protect those of her own kind, as she is seen shaken by Clementine lobotomization, when she realises that Bernard is a host and she tells him that both of them deserve a better life, and later sparing Hector since he couldn't leave Westworld.


Clementine Pennyfeather

Maeve is shown to have a very motherly bond with Clementine, often scolding her for not treating herself better. Even still, Maeve is quick to send Clementine off to do her dirty work for her. After the original Clementine is replaced, Maeve is overcome with grief and attacks the replacement.


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  • In the episode "The Bicameral Mind", the moment where Maeve gets off the train marks a "new phase", not just for Maeve (she now has free will), but for the other hosts as well. The showrunners wanted to highlight this moment visually, so they changed the method of filming the tracking shot when Maeve exited the train. Up to this point, tracking shots had always been filmed using Steadicam or dolly mounted cameras, but when Maeve leaves the train, "for the first time in the series, we're seeing handheld photography."[2]


  • Maeve's Host ID is AC5000487105[3]
  • Queen Mab, pronounced "m /ă/ v" (with the short /ă/ sound, unlike Maeve which is pronounced with the long /ā/ sound), is a character in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. In Shakespeare's play, Queen Mab is the fairy (an immortal and magical creature) who is responsible for bringing dreams to sleeping people. This Queen Mab is a malevolent hag who punishes unchaste ladies by blistering their lips and making knots in their hair that cause horrid oozing sores. She is tiny, and no larger than the image engraved on a stone in a ring.
  • Queen Mab is also a fairie from Celtic folklore. Shakespeare did not create her himself.


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