The maintenance carts seen in the original film and its sequel were used by the Delos resort robotics staff for basic transport throughout the Westworld theme park.


They are primarily people-movers, intended to transport technicians for routine check-ups and small repairs that can be handled on the spot. During the course of the original film, we see two staff members using the cart to retrieve one of the small damaged robots - a rattlesnake - and bring it back to the repair lab for close examination.

In the original film, the carts are three-wheelers, in uniform white livery. These carts are equipped with a basic repair kit (car jack, wheel wrench, etc.). In the sequel, the Delos resort switches to using a four-wheeled version, in red and black livery.

Behind the scenes

The maintenance carts in the films were portrayed by slightly modified Harley-Davidson DE vehicles, effectivelly golf carts.

The original film used a three-wheeled Harley-Davidson DE. [1] The sequel used the Harley-Davidson DE 40 four-wheeler. [2]


See also

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