Maling is a character in HBO's Westworld. She is described as someone "who is trying to restore order on the ground". She is played by Betty Gabriel. She is a member of the Delos Extraction Team and reports to Karl Strand.


Presumably a background in either military or law enforcement. At some point became Military Contractor and was recruited by Delos Incorporated.

Season Two

Journey Into Night

Maling was first seen on the beach with other Delos Security Members. She challenged Bernard Lowe, thinking he was a renegade host, and tried to seize him until Ashley Stubbs intervened and helped Bernard up. Maling confirms Bernard's identity on some flash cards as the two of them walk off.  She then joined Stubbs, Bernard, Karl StrandAntoine Costa and other mercenaries at the site of The Gala.

"Virtu e Fortuna"

Maling reported to Karl Strand, before joining the team into the Mesa Hub through one of the train tunnels.


Maling appears to be hardened soldier. She doesn't appear to take any chances when it comes to hosts.






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