William and Dolores are held captive in the Confederado camp, with William tied to a chair and gagged. Logan removes the gag and William asks him to help get Dolores out of the the park, because she is different from the rest of the hosts. Logan scoffs at this, saying William probably isn't the first to fall in love with a host and delude himself into thinking they're real. He chides William for forgetting about his fiancée, and decides to show him the truth.

He grabs Dolores while William protests and stabs her in the stomach, opening her up while she screams to show her mechanical insides. William stares at her, and Dolores sees the mechanics and is shocked. She falls to the ground, and Logan stands over her. They exchange words, and Dolores grabs a knife and slashes Logan across the face, then finds a gun and shoots a few Confederados. William tells her to run, and that he will find her. She makes her escape.

Later on William asks Logan if they've found Dolores, and Logan says no. He asks William if he realizes that the park isn't real, and William says he does. Logan cuts William free, and professes his affection for him. They embrace.

The next morning Logan wakes to find that William has dismembered all the Confederados during the night. From the body parts on view, it's obvious that the hosts in this time-frame are electro-mechanical. Still holding the knife, William tells Logan that he is no longer in charge, and that he is going to help him find Dolores. He pushes Logan to the ground and holds the knife to his throat, telling him to stop calling him "Billy". He gets up and leaves Logan on the ground.

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