The Man in Black's Wife is an unseen character in the sci-fi western series Westworld. She is the unnamed and deceased wife of the Man in Black.


The MiB's wife died because she took the wrong medication in a bathtub and drowned. Her death was one of the reasons that the Man came to Westworld. He suspects her death was suicide.

Season One

"Trace Decay"

While tied up and held captive by Teddy Flood, the Man tells him the story of why he came to the park. He reveals that his wife of 30 years had recently died and his daughter blamed him for her death. [1]


Man in Black

The MiB's wife apparently committed suicide because she was afraid of the darkness within him. Prior to that they seemed to have a good relationship, having been married for 30 years.


  • It is likely that the MiB's wife is the same woman as Juliet, his fiancée from his early adulthood and sister of Logan.



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