In the wake of the Gala massacre, the Man in Black is shown to have survived by hiding under the dead body of a Host and playing dead. Heading to his cabin, he finds his horse, Ned, and is confronted by an angry board member, Ronald who is then shot dead by a pair of Hosts. The Man in Black manages to kill both the Hosts, then treats his gunshot wound. Changing from his evening wear into his more recognizable attire, the Man in Black dons his hat and smiles.

Riding through Westworld, the Man in Black encounters the young host duplicate of Robert Ford who tells him that there is a new game; he has to find "the Door" and escape. Now that he is at the center, he must get to the edge and escape. The boy tells the Man in Black that this game is designed for him and that it will find him. Deciding that he has no further use for the boy, the Man in Black shoots him in the face and rides off.

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