The Man in Black once again rescues Lawrence from being tortured and possibly killed. However, with the Hosts being more resilient and off their loops, the Man in Black finds it harder to kill them and takes a bullet to the forearm rescuing Lawrence.

Riding to a bar, the Man in Black punches through a wall and pulls out a medical kit. Although no one in the bar reacts, Lawrence apparently sees the medical kit and asks what it is. While treating his bullet wound, the Man in Black tells Lawrence that he is now free and enlists his help. They head for the town of Pariah.

Riding into Pariah in the middle of the night, they find it lit with candles and strewn with bodies. The Man in Black finds the new El Lazo, and tries to recruit him and his men. El Lazo refuses, and Robert Ford speaks through him. "This game was meant for you William, but you must play it alone." With those words, El Lazo's men all shoot themselves in the head. El Lazo follows suit by using the gun that the Man in Black has pointed at his head. Angry, the Man in Black shoots El Lazo several times while cursing Robert. The Man in Black and Lawrence leave Pariah, heading towards something he calls "his greatest mistake."

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