The Man and Teddy talk about The Maze, which Teddy says is part of the native mythology. He tells the MiB the story of The Maze. They approach the town of Pariah as Dolores, William and Logan did, near the graveyard. However, they meet some men who tell them there is trouble in Pariah. Teddy claims that he knows a better way to get to the border.

The MiB isn't pleased that there are so many Union soldiers outside of the tunnel that Teddy says leads to the Old Territories. Teddy says that there are less soldiers here than at Pariah. They take uniforms from a couple of soldiers and ride into the Union camp in disguise. All goes well at first, but Teddy is recognized and attacked. Teddy and the MiB kill as many soldiers as they can but are overpowered.

In the main camp, they are both tied to wagon wheels, a brand is heated in the fire for them. The Man in Black tries to talk his way out of things. They're about to brand Teddy when he flashes back to the massacre with Wyatt, and then attacks his captors. The MiB gets free and helps him, as Teddy begins to use a nearby Gatling Gun to kill everyone in the camp. The Man in Black acts surprised, for which Teddy says he knows nothing about him. They leave and continue on.

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