The Man, still tied up, watches Angela talk to Teddy and then kill him. She walks over to him and they exchange words before she slams his head back against a boulder behind him, knocking him out. He wakes up in the morning with his hands tied and a noose around his neck, slung over a tree and attached to his horse's saddle. He spots Teddy's body lying a few feet away, with the knife used to kill him still in his chest. The Man manages to grab the knife as the horse spooks and runs, and he cuts the rope before he is hanged.

As he lies on the ground to catch his breath Charlotte Hale appears and makes a quip about him choosing a pastime that's easier on his back. He reminds her that he doesn't like being disturbed, and she says it's important. Charlotte tells him about Theresa's death while securing park data, and how it was ruled an accident, but the Man says there are no accidents. She comments on how Ford's narratives are engaging, but the guests don't care about complex stories and just want something simpler, as the Board does.

Charlotte asks him to help her get Ford voted off the Board, as the Man helped keep Ford in business years ago and has a good position on the Board to get him voted off. The Man casually agrees, saying it's not Ford's narratives that he's interested in, and tells Charlotte "no more interruptions. I know where I'm going now and I don't want to be disturbed," before walking away.

At the end of the episode, the Man enters the church in Escalante and discovers Dolores there.

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