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William and Logan have a big argument.

William, Logan, and Dolores travel to the town of Pariah, where they meet the criminal gang leader, El Lazo. El Lazo tasks them with stealing explosives from a Union wagon and they successfully complete the mission. But as William, Logan, and Dolores are distracted at the Brothel in Pariah, El Lazo steals the explosives for himself and sells ex-Confederate outlaws fake explosives. Meanwhile inside the brothel, William pulls Logan aside and says he doesn’t want to continue on the War game. Lucas takes him on as joking at first, suggesting William could kill them in the War and join the Revolutionaries. William stands firm, and Logan chides him for being upset at killing an unarmed man and not being able to call himself a hero anymore. Logan says there are no heroes and no villains. We discover that William works for Logan and has been promoted to executive vice president, a position he only earned because Logan assumed that he would never evolve into a threat and would always remain a passive and non-threatening stooge.

William and Dolores kiss.

This view also extends to their personal lives, as Logan makes it clear that he has little respect for William and assumes that his sister doesn’t either.

Later, Logan is outside when the Confederados find out that the nitro has been stolen. When they realise this, the outlaws accost and begin to beat up Logan. Though William sees Logan in need of help, he decides to leave him behind and escapes the situation with Dolores, even as Logan is yelling for help. When William and Dolores jump on a moving train, they find El Lazo already there.