At camp in the Badlands, William waits by a sleeping Dolores. As she wakes, he gives her a hot beverage. Later, William believes Dolores is cold so he gives her his coat. William argues with Logan that Dolores must be taken back to Sweetwater. But, after Holden advises that heading back to Sweetwater will result in losing any chance of catching Slim Miller, Logan asserts that the bounty narrative, which was William’s idea, must be completed. When William raises concerns about Dolores’ safety while on the hunt, Logan offers to kill Dolores so that park operators will return her to the ranch. William, offended, accuses Logan of only vulgar interests at the park causing Logan to realize that the park operators engineered a remarkeably strong emotional response in his fellow guest. William is surprised to learn that Logan invited William to the park for unspecified reasons related to the family’s business interest in Westworld.

In Las Mudas, when a Deputy attempts to forcibly take Dolores back to Abernathy Ranch, William intervenes insisting that she is not lost but traveling with himself, a guest. William tells Dolores that they have a lead on Slim’s whereabouts. He offers Dolores a chance to wait in town but she declines, insisting that she needs to keep going. William says “okay” with a noticeable smile.

Back in the Badlands, Dolores explains that she will find her way by following the voices that are calling to her. William is drawn closer to her, stating that he too knows the feeling of not wanting to go back to one’s old life.

The following morning Holden leads Dolores, Logan and William to the farmhouse where Slim is in hiding. After a gun battle inside the house, Slim is captured, bound and laid over a horse to be taken back to Sweetwater.

On the way back to Sweetwater, Slim negotiates for his release, promising that his boss, El Lazo, will pay twice the amount offered by the Marshall for Slim’s freedom and safe return to Pariah. Holden delivers a scripted retort to the fugitive then unexpectedly Logan kills Holden. William exclaims disbelief at Logan’s action, however the brother-in-law-to-be assures William that the action was simply good game play as Slim’s offer is an Easter egg that will lead to the best ride in the park. Dolores protests Logan’s villainy prompting the veteran player to draw his pistol on her. William draws his pistol on Slim which amuses Logan who holsters his weapon and persuades William that he and Dolores will be just fine taking a trip down the dark side.

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