William is seen in Logan Delos' company prior to Logan attending a demonstration of the Host technology from the Argos Initiative. Being jetlagged and tired from meetings, William leaves Logan before Angela and Akecheta arrive.

After his adventures in the park, William meets with James Delos in Sweetwater to discuss a new direction for the company to take with their investment. William tells him of the potential benefits of data-mining the guests. William's new found direct attitude impresses James, who allows him to tell him what he has planned.

At James Delos' retirement party, William arranges for Dolores to be taken out of the park and play the piano. William looks at her from across the room and kisses his wife, Juliet, while she watches. As William moves to talk to her, James intercepts him and they talk, first about the entertainment and then about James' retirement and illness.

After the party, William visits Dolores in the park and has her in Analysis Mode. Questioning her, William mentions that he cannot believe he ever fell in love with her and now sees her as just a thing and a reflection. He looks forward to using her and the other hosts.

Taking her out into the park, William shows Delores several large earth moving machines excavating an area of the park. Looking at them, he asks her if she has "ever seen anything so full of splendour?"

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