William tows Logan behind the horse that he's riding. Logan's wrists are bound, and a rope connects Logan to William's saddlehorn. They talk about Dolores. Logan says that she is dead, William that she is alive. He maintains that something was happening to her, and that she needs help. Logan becomes angry.

They enter Lawrence's camp and his men train their weapons on them. Logan raises his hand but William seems relaxed. Lawrence looks at him and says he thought William would be back.

Later, William and Lawrence are looking down a hill at a camp, Lawrence says that they will know where to find "the woman". Lawrence says he will help and Logan, still tied up, scoffs. William takes a moment out to hit Logan, and drags him to his feet.

Logan is tied up amidst a lot of dead soldiers. William interrogates a man about Dolores, and he kills the man after he says Dolores has been gang-raped by soldiers. He drags Logan to his feet. William searches for Dolores for a long time, and accidentally loses the photograph of Juliet Guest Photograph along the way. At the edge of the park, he has a naked and bound Logan seated on his horse. William tells Logan that he's going to invest heavily in Westworld with the company.

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