We see William walking down the Main Street in Sweetwater, Clementine says "'Morning cowboy", he sees Teddy bringing in a bandit and looks at the "Wanted" poster. The bandit tries to escape and William intervenes when Clementine is used as a hostage. He is shot himself and knocked over, but shoots the bandit dead, rescuing Clementine. Teddy tells him "Nice shot" and Clementine wants to express her gratitude more directly. Logan appears, closing his zipper, as usual. He's surprised that William has actually killed a Host. Logan wants him to celebrate by having sex with the prostitute hosts, but William wants to go bounty hunting with Teddy instead.

Much later, while camping in the woods, Logan complains to William about the boredom of the narrative they are pursuing when a bleeding Dolores stumbles into the firelight of their campsite, and falls into William's arms.

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