Manufacturing is where hosts are created. These floors are located below the Behavior Division floors, and above the Livestock Management floors. B33 is one of the Manufacturing Division floors (as revealed in an intra-company message).

I’m about to rotate out!

Since you won’t get to see my stunning face for three whole weeks, come celebrate on Manufacturing Floor B33 @ 3 am. Tell no one. Also, we MANUFACTURED a beer bong out of a horse stomach.

Burn after reading! I think QA may flag stuff like this.


St. Denis, Antoinette

Host Manufacturing (WW)

The Narrative and Design Division creates concepts and designs, and then after approval, those designs are brought to the Manufacturing Division for implementation.


The Manufacturing Department is responsible for the construction of the world topside, from our hosts, to the structures they inhabit.

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Host Assembly Techs are in charge of the physical creation of host bodies and parts; they work with the Design Team to execute the construction of host characters, from the skeletal frame, to the working biological organs and musculature. Manufacturing also works in tandem with the Behavior Department to incorporate the updated brain update in new host creations or full rebuilds.

Westworld Corporate Guidebook, p. 18, "Host Assembly" ,

The central responsibility of Locations and Construction is terraforming and landscaping the physical terrain as needed for new park narratives. Geo Supervisors act as foremen, working closely with Narrative to build the necessary components of ever-changing storylines.

Westworld Corporate Guidebook, p. 18, "Locations and Construction" ,


Manufacturing process

Documents and schematics


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