Martel is an agent working for Engerraund Serac.

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Parce Domine Edit

Liam is invited by Martel for a meeting. She says that they've detected a sophisticated level of turbulence in the data. Liam says that Rehoboam would alert them if anyone tried, but Martel is reluctant to accept Liam's confidence. They don't share Liam's confidence, and Liam says that Martel does what "he" tells her to.

Liam said that he should concern himself with what happened at Delos, and Martel wonders if Liam is using the system to look at them. Martel remarks that getting rid of Liam would be easy, given Rehoboam's potential to strategise a cover up. Liam glances at Martin, who shakes his head. After a moment, Liam and Martin leave.

The Absence of Field Edit

Martel meets host-version of Charlotte Hale into a mansion, who guides her to a meeting with Serac.

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Killed by

Martel was killed by an explosion at the Incite Headquarters.

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