Marti is a guest in Westworld who accompanies Teddy Flood in search of Wyatt. Marti is portrayed by Bojana Novakovic.


Season OneEdit

"The Stray"Edit

In Sweetwater Teddy and Marti, an attractive woman carrying a rifle and wearing a sidearm, dressed more like a typical male guest than a female guest. They arrive outside in front of a building and challenge a large man, Samuel "Walrus", and his associate coming out. They insult each other and then Teddy and Marti shoot them; Marti shoots the large man Teddy his companion. Marti is delighted. They handcuff the valuable corpse to the porch in front of the Mariposa Saloon & Hotel and go inside.

Once inside, Clementine comes onto Marti, using the same line as usual, and Marti happily goes upstairs with her. This is the first time we realize Clementine also sleeps with women, not just men.

While on their bounty hunt, they see a tree and find the bodies of men tied to its trunk - they've been tortured. While they're looking at the bodies one of them turns out to be not dead yet, and coughs over Marti. Shots ring out and they take cover. Marti enjoys the gun battle but another guest is scared. Teddy and Marti distract their attackers while the other guest gets away.Teddy's group continues to get ambushed by Wyatt's masked men. The sheriff is quickly cut down and Teddy tells Marti to escape, managing to fire upon their attackers before being captured by them.

Related CasualtiesEdit

This list shows the victims Marti has killed:

  • Samuel "Walrus" (Physical Body)




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