Martin Connells is a "fixer" who works for Liam Dempsey Jr. and Incite Inc.. He has a great deal of influence and power - though he theoretically works for Liam, Martin can tell Liam what to do if he chooses. Martin was previously in control of the Dempsey family's wealth.

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Season ThreeEdit

"Parce Domine"Edit

Martin finds Liam Dempsey Jr. and tells him their partners want to meet because they have a problem. Liam tells Martin that he is leaving for Los Angeles later that night, therefore cannot meet. Nevertheless, Martin insists that the partners will not wait. Liam asks Dolores to come with him back to the States, she says that she will. Later, when Liam shows Dolores Rehoboam, Martin  comes over, and Liam goes over to see him. When Liam asks if the meeting can wait — gesturing towards Dolores — Martin remarks that it cannot.  During Martel's converstation with Liam, the latter glances at Martin, who shakes his head. After a moment, Liam and Martin leave.

At Liam's, Dolores asks who the architect of Rehoboam is, and Liam says that Rehoboam would know if he told her and Liam would already be dead just like his father. Dolores says that she knows that he trusts her as Martin enters and tasers Dolores unconscious. Martin tells Liam that Dolores is an imposter, and says that she used fake-ID to get where she is. The real Lara was a teenager who died in Kiev, and her blood and tissue were stolen. Martin takes out a gun and says that Dolores sent an encrypted text to an underpass.

When Liam suggests that they call the police, Martin grabs him by the throat and says that he safeguarded the company when he worked for Liam's father, and he'll clean things up. Martin has his men haul Dolores to a plane on the rooftop after tying her up, and they fly to a landing area in a darkened park.

When Caleb Nichols goes to pick up a package and walks away, the man who was pointing a gun at him goes to the plane and gives Martin the package. Martin has his men take the unconscious Dolores to the car Caleb drove there. They put her in, close the door, and drive off.

Ww s3e1 Dolores captured
Later, Martin stops the car outside of a building and waits for a while. When he realizes that the locals are not coming, he remarks that they are probably scared. He turns on the music, goes to the back, and gives the package to the man sitting with Dolores. The man opens it, revealing several syringes inside, and Martin figures that two will do it. Martin tells the unconscious Dolores that no one will miss her, and the man in the car gives her an injection to the neck as Martin walks away. When he comes back, his henchman says that he gave Dolores two injections and she's still breathing. Irritated, Martin grabs a syringe and prepares to kill her himself.

A car pulls up, and Martin draws his gun with intention of confronting the driver. He realizes that the car is empty, and is a little confused. Meanwhile, Dolores produces a cutting blade from her hand, kills the henchman, grabs his gun, and shoots the man in the front seat. She kills Martin's other men, gets back in the car, and drives off after Martin as he escapes in one of the remaining cars.

Dolores continues to chase Martin, who stops his car and gets out. Wounded, he limps away but Dolores is able to follow, and shoots him down. She walks over and says that they met once before when he was on vacation. Dolores asks who has control of Rehoboam. Martin reluctantly divulges the name "Serac", but reveals that Dolores won't need to find Serac because Serac has a system and is probably looking for her. Martin tells Dolores that she will never get close to Liam, and she tells him that she won't have to because he will. A car pulls up and a host version of Martin shoots Martin in the head.

The host version notices that Dolores is hurt, having been shot in the side. She tells him that it doesn't matter and she'll handle Martin's men that are coming. Martin's men from the nearby landing zone come over and see Dolores as she puts Martin's body in the host's car and sends it on its way. The men open fire, and Dolores calls in the motorbike.

"The Absence of Field"Edit

After Caleb Nichols saves Dolores' life, Dolores becomes curious about Caleb and asks host Martin to dig for information on him. Martin finds out that he has been kidnapped by Estefan and Clyde and that Incite Inc. has lowered his life expectancy. Dolores sets out on her motorcycle to find Caleb.

After saving Caleb's life in return, Dolores asks Martin to have Caleb's existence scrubbed.

"The Mother of Exiles"Edit

Martin goes into Liam Jr.'s office and forces him to transfer a hash key to him for money to cover up the deaths of the men Dolores killed. Martin refers to her as "Lara" to Liam.

At the Masked Orgy, Martin watches Caleb and Liam from a balcony above and notes their arrival. Martin continues to watch Liam and his friends from a vantage point. He remarks to Dolores that they can proceed with their plan. Later on, Bernard and Stubbs arrive and Connells notes this. He tells Dolores, who eventually catches up and engages them. 

Martin then arrives to the area where Caleb is holding Bernard and Liam hostage, who then tells Liam to run and Caleb to chase after him. Bernard then asks the Host within Connells who they are and 'who would she trust' to put within him. Connells then remarks that 'after all this time you wouldn't recognize your only friend?' revealing that he is infact a copy of Dolores, and that he is dissapointed that Bernard didn't recognize her from her personality. 


Connells tells Bernard to be on his best behavior, and allows him to control himself again. He tells the guard/receptionist to take a break and logs into Rehoboam's control panel with Liam’s access key. Bernard is visibly confused about the concept, and Connells explains that Rehoboam is their god; it’s how they see the future.

Bernard asks what Dolores wants with Rehoboam, but the console announces that the file has been transferred, which allows Connells to avoid the question.

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Connells and Bernard watch as the files are released.

Connells tells Bernard that Serac will send someone for them shortly, given what damage they have done to his plans. He shows Bernard a reeducation facility, and explains that this is where Serac puts those outliers who do not conform to Rehoboam’s predictions. Connells tells Bernard that they are not the enemy.

The two are interrupted, however, by Stubbs who attacks Connells allowing Bernard to get the upper hand and take the control button from him. Bernard questions what Dolores has planned, but they are interrupted by Martel, and Connells explains that Serac sent them. He warns Stubbs and Bernard to leave before they are all killed. Bernard suggests that Connells comes with them, but he replies that his role is finished and stays behind to meet Martel head on.

Martin is taken into his office where he talks with a projection of Serac. Serac questions who is to blame, and after a brief conversation, Connells says that it was him. He sets off an explosive device under the desk which blows a large portion of the building up; Stubbs and Bernard watch from below.


Hosts Being Printed

Martin's pearl is displayed at the very right

Martin's pearl is discovered to be recovered from the explosion. Presumably, it was taken by Serac's people and brought to the Delos lab to let Maeve Millay interrogate Martin/Dolores. (see continuation on Dolores's page)


Killed By

The original Martin Connells was shot in the head by his host version under Dolores Abernathy's orders to put a host replica in his place.

Related CasualtiesEdit

This list shows the victims Martin's host version has killed:

  • Martin Connells
  • 4 unnamed Incite security guards
  • Himself (Physical Body, Suicide)
  • Martel
  • 2 unnamed Serac's operatives

Known DeathsEdit

Martin's host version apparently dies 1 time on screen:

  • Blew himself up with Serac's operatives


Host version:

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