Medieval Knight (name unknown) is one of the 4 guests introduced in the 1973 film Westworld. He is portrayed by Norman Bartold.

Biography Edit


The "Medieval Knight" is a guest who visits the Medievalworld. His actions seem to be hostile toward the robots as he tries to abuse Daphne. Nothing is known about his past and biography, except the fact he's rich enough to visit the park.

Plot Edit

Westworld (film)Edit

The guest is first seen in a hovercraft with Peter Martin, John Blane, the Banker and other unnamed guests. At the distribution center, the guest chooses the red path, that is, the Medievalworld.

He participates in a feast scripted at the castle, during which he sees Daphne serving the table. Shortly after, he comes over Queen's room and kisses her. She tells him the king will kill them if he learns, but the guest continues. The Queen stops him and says that the Black Knight is waiting for him. She also prompts that the knight has a feeble left eye, which may help the guest in the battle. After exiting her room, the guest bumps into Daphne again and hits on her.

The guest returns to the feast where he sees the Black Knight and nods to him. The techs arrange their battle o the next day before his departure. After having a breakfast and clothing properly, the guest enters the hall only to be confronted by the Black Knight. They engage in a fight, messing with everything around, while the Queen watches from stairs. After getting exhausted, the guest proposes to stop the fight and solve the conflict through a conversation, but the knight refuses and finally impales him with his sword.

Later, his corpse is seen with a sword sticking out of it when Peter Martin is chased by the Gunslinger.


Killed By

In a battle for the Queen, the Black Knight deviates and impales the guest with his sword.



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