aka Alexander

  • I live in Yerevan, Armenia
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is Student at AUA
  • I am Male
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  • Поскольку ты из Армении и владеешь русским языком объясню тебе по-русски: Plot - \то, типа, сюжет, Synopsys - это краткое изложение сюжета, мотто (в данном случае от  HBO).  Я заметил что ты уже неоднократно менял мои корректировки в этом отношении. Посмотри на страницу я ответь себе (мне) - гле краткое изложение, а где сюжет. Можешь так же посмотреть на других англоязычных сайтах. Если речь идет просто о накручивании корректировок - можешь ничего не отвечать и продлжать действовать в том же стиле. Я это пойму

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    • Насчет фильма - подумаю, а игры я просто не видел, поэтому сказать мне нечего

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    • для фильма не хватает трех персонажей: хозяйка отеля, шериф и взволнованный техник (убитый стрелком) которых я ну очень ленюсь доделать, если что там оч мало экранного времени у них и страницы не займут много времени вообще

      по желанию можно добавить locations типа того отеля в который заселяются два главных гостя

      для игры нужно больше скринов с неё, больше пасхалок, у игры нет своей отдельной вики и даже гугл пустой насчет её, а ещё там в каждой главе есть штуки которые нужно собирать и я сам не совсем уверен шо они делают когда собираются, в любом случае у этой игры нет своей википедии и если чел который ее проходит застрял где-то на какой-то головоломке он должен иметь возможность зайти на вики и чекнуть как продвинуться дальше

      для некоторых глав я в секциях Trivia указал где находить эти спрятанные статуэтки и то не все так что мне нужна помощь, если глянешь прохождения у других людей кто их всех нашел будет очень круто

      синопсисы т. е. страницы эпизодов игры я сам потихоньку сделал, уже 3 из 5 написал, осталось только их чекнуть на ошибки и дополнить

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  • Awesome stuff from you on Lee Sizemore's page. Don't worry about the edits I did after you, they were just to update the internet style links like this: [ Dolores Abernathy] to the newer wiki links like this [[Dolores Abernathy]]

    I'm guessing you're putting the old style links in because you're editing with the Visual Editor at the moment, it's not a problem and will stop happening at all when you start to use the Spource Editor

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    • bruh i'm just being a lil bit too lazy to open episode's editor to copy the text from in source mode every time, but OK, I'll switch to Source 

      btw I'm gonna rewatch S3 again to record all deaths from it as well so the main characters' victims lists get completed (all of them from S1 to S2 have been inserted by me; i started to record S3's deaths only from ep5 and onward) so wait for my final edits on these sections xd

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    • also wanted to note that after we've merged host and human character's infoboxes we should really move the "Family" criterion in the infobox to somewhere else (in "History" I reckon) since the family listed in "Narrative & Backstory" thing on humans' articles looks ridiculous

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    • > Narrative & Backstory" thing on humans' articles looks ridiculous

      Good point.

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  • Hello, unfortunately I haven't been able to find Hector's ID yet. In S1E07 when Bernard questions Hector at the Mesa, the ID number is very blurry. It looks like it might start with HC and end with 22, which is very interesting because one of Maeve's ID's is HC1983012522.

    I don't know anything about Hector's and Hanaryo's IDs in S3 because we're sadly 2-3 episodes behind the USA here (I've only seen the show until episode S3E05).

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    • oh my fucking god! I'm so sorry for the spoilers, I really didn't want to <3

      I'm not from U.S. either, but the episodes here become available on Sundays on streaming services like Amediateka (yet I can share some websites with entire series for free but you might need VPN if pirating is blocked in your country and a translator since they're in Russian)

      thanks for the help by the way, now we all can be sure of Hanaryo's ID... I'm still shocked by the fact I spoiled so much to you (sorry again), you'd better not check the wiki until you catch up with us!

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    • Don't worry, the part with the spoiler sounded a bit confusing to me anyway. I get to see new episodes on Wednesdays (17 days after US airdate), which sucks because it's really difficult to remain completely spoiler-free and I can't take part in any discussions.

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  • That's a great deal of work Alex, nice one and really consistent and detailed, thank you.

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    • damn, you're always welcome.

      it's my last year in high school which i don't attend 'cause i've already got applied to a college so i just have nothing to do (+ the quarantine) until the studies in September start, so i'm hanging out here XD

      btw, i also wanted to speak about the "narrative role" variable in infoboxes - are we gonna get them recovered or should i start fill the "occupation" fields with them?

      and also wanted to propose something about Musashi... if we keep impersonated people and their replicas in one merged page, it's quite easy to just add "Host" to their "Species" field and add "(as host)" to the plot section (and possibly a "Known Deaths" list), but what should we do with him? it's a host impersonated with another host, i know it's kinda weird, but maybe we should create a page for Sato (pseudonym given him by Dolores)? 'Cause i rly don't know how to put Maeve in his "Killed Victims" list (since he didn't kill her, his imposter did), but i see a solution (just split the list into two parts)

      so how do you think, we keep him this way with split sections for imposter or maybe a new page?

      P.S. also check out the reply under Dolores' page about her murders list

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    • Nice - what are you studying at college? I'm just finishing my 2nd Yr of college (in the UK, so we call it university) doing Zoology. I'm an older student though.

      Thanks for the reminder about narrative files etc, I'll add those fields in today if I can.

      I'd really like to deal with the "impersonation problems" consistently, in a way that readers will be able to understand the first time they read an article - things like:

      • hosts impersonating humans (The Hale host body being used by Dolores)
      • a host control unit being moved between host bodies because of damage or bodies being destroyed (Maeve, I'm thinking)
      • a host control unit being moved between host bodies (only Dolores body to Hale body at the moment)
      • multiple copies of a host control unit in different host bodies (Dolores pearl in Hale, Connels, Musashi, etc.)
      • multiple copies of a host control unit in copies of the SAME host body (we haven't seen this yet, but the day is young)

      My current thinking is this central guiding principle:

      "Hosts Character articles will follow the actor, where possible, making it clear in the text what has happened."

      So, when a Dolores pearl is impersonating Hale, that story is told in the Hale article, without creating multiple articles for characters which look identical.

      I can see this breaking if we get, say, two Arnold pearls in two Arnold bodies - and these two started to diverge and develop as obviously separate characters. But we can deal with that if (when) needed.

      Is this clear? Is it workable? Have I missed something big?

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    • wow, zoology sounds so cool! we also call it a university here in Armenia, i'm gonna major in Computer Science to become a game developer (who knows, maybe one day i'll create a game based on Westworld so we all can visit it in some way :P)

      what about articles - totally agreed with you. I'll take a deeper look at Hale later, when i end rewatching and adding all deaths and murders from S2, meanwhile pls check out Musashi's page - i think i handled the problem in some way

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  • Hi,

    Looks better without the br tags in my browser. What's happening with yours?

    Do you have a screenshot? What browser etc are you using?

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    • This reply has been removed
    • Dolores
      it's Google Chrome

      have no idea why is it looking like that

      it works only for the second string but the next ones stick together

      the presence of brs shouldn't make difference tho

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    • You were right, it needs the tags.

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  • Hi Mampac,

    I've hit undo on a large ish edit you made to "The Original", it just seemed like quite a lot to remove from the article without talking it through first. What did you have in mind?


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    • sorry, my fault, i should've warned you first

      so i decided to rewatch Westworld with my friend and i wanted to add "Deaths" lists after synopses with all the hosts/people who died in the episodes, which i did add to this article, however, the moment i started to read the synopsis i understood that it was a bigger problem than "Deaths" list missing... i tried my best in remedying those problems, but lemme explain what's wrong with this:

      • It is very, i mean, VERY long-ass synopsis! I think because of that it's hard to read it and took me ages to read it till the end, and some other underlying problems contributed into this one:
      • It included too many unnecessary description details which are not appropriate to a paraphrased synopsis. It just made up more volume to the text which is not always good (I'd say in this case is bad since the episode per se was a hour long!)
      • It included too many repetitions of same words, same clauses, same names and same activities. I merged and bridged some sentences together to eradicate that problem and reduce the overall volume of the text.
      • It included direct quotes and citations from characters. It's not a leaked script, it's a synopsis, thus, you don't literally cite others but paraphrase it in other words. Exceptional are quotes-commands, like "These violent delights have violent ends", which indeed need a full citation, so, for example, instead of 'We hear Dolores answer "No. Of course not. We all love the newcomers. Every new person I meet reminds me how lucky I am to be alive and how beautiful this world can be."', it's more logical to write 'Dolores answers that she won't change her mind about newcomers and still thinks they're wonderful people'.
      • It is written in 1st/2nd person style because the author always refers to the reader through "we", which is again not right?? I think it's better (and other admins on other wikis I've written synopses for would agree) to write 'Dolores is seen/shown on the stool' instead of 'We see Dolores on the stool'.
      • The author shares his thoughts in the article ('Now we understand/see...').
      • It had weird spaces between periods while using ellipsis (it was like . . . instead of ...).
      • It talks about camera zooming, pulling and cutting.
      • It had several typos.
      • It had several grammar and punctuation mistakes.
      • It had several broken links.

      All this makes the writing unreadable, drab and sometimes boring. Also, if you compare the writing of recent episodes with these old ones, you'd understand what's the difference. Just try to compare the versions before and after... I think it's a huge improvement (once again, I didn't leave out ANY events from the episode). Now the synopsis is lite, elegant and short (it's still long due to the running time tho), without unnecessary information. Besides, I also moved "Trivia" to the end before "Gallery" (to it's right place). I hope you'll understand my point and will unredo my edit I spent 2hrs on...

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    • And if you don't wanna change the synopsis, I can only add Deaths list, if you wish...

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    • Hello Mampac,

      I'm sorry that you spent so much time and effort editing this article.

      Your enthusiasm and interest is very welcome, but please don't try to change the character of articles so that they're like other wikis or fit into your idea of how articles should be written.

      Could I suggest that you create new content rather than focusing on editing existing work? There's much to be done - adding to character plot details for instance. Add to the wiki, there is no value in being a copy of TWD or GoT or in change just for the sake of it. If you think that a particular style change would be useful then please create new content in that style rather than deleting existing work.

      Other points of view and styles are very welcome here, but must not be introduced without discussion and agreement, this particularly applies to significant edits of major articles - such as episodes or major characters.

      The new "Deaths" sections are a useful contribution in both character and episode articles - also, making sure that sections are in a consistent order, correcting typos, grammatical errors, and broken links - all very welcome.

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  • Hi, welcome to the Westworld Wiki, and thank you for your edit to Lee Sizemore!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Hope to see lots more of you at Westworld Wiki.

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