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Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals to feed their infants. It contains nutrients like protein and lactose. Humans use milk of other mammals, especially cows, as food. The term milk is also used to refer to white liquids resembling milk in appearance, like the white liquid from plants (e.g. coconut milk).

Milk/White Liquid is a recurring theme of Westworld. It appears in some narratives, such as Dolores Abernathy's and Rebus'. Dolores drops a can of condensed milk on the street, which can be picked up by Teddy or a guest. Rebus and Walter are often seen drinking milk or pouring it on bodies. In addition, Westworld features many scenes with other white liquids resembling milk, for example white liquid plays a part in the creation of Hosts. Many of the scenes containing milk/white liquid show milk being spilt and/or milk mixing with blood.

Milk in Westworld[]

Dolores Abernathy's Can of Milk[]

As part of her loop, Dolores drops a can of milk on the Main Street of Sweetwater, which is sometimes picked up by Teddy and other times by a guest.

Rebus and Walter[]

Rebus and Walter are often seen drinking milk and pouring it on the bodies of their victims.

Other Appearances of Milk[]

White Liquid[]

Milk and Symbolism[]

  • Milk is used in films as a symbol for innocence, purity, youth, and maternity as it is associated with babies.[1] In Westworld, Dolores' can of milk symbolizes her purity and innocence, which is offered to the guests by dropping it in front of them and allowing them to pick it up. The white liquid used in host creation might symbolize innocence and birth, as it shows a new host emerging from it.
  • Milk can also be used to unsettle the audience by having a violent character drink it.[1] Rebus and Walter, who are both violent and deviant characters, commonly drink and spill milk or pour it over the bodies of their victims. Moreover, milk and innocence is tainted by violence in other scenes, where bodies land in white liquid and their blood mixes with it.