In the Westworld TV series, visitors to the Delos Destinations parks, particularly Westworld, arrive at the Monorail Terminal of the Westworld Mesa Hub aboard highly comfortable Monorail trains.

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As its name implies, the train travels on a single central rail, wide enough to form a track for the cars of the large vehicle. Both on the outside and inside, the monorail is sleek, and austere in terms of colours (most of them shades of white and shades of black). The exterior of the vehicle is highly aerodynamic, and seems to consist of two or three tightly connecterd cars.

There seem to be different classes of seating aboard the Monorail cars. In "Chestnut", where the Monorail is introduced, we see William and Logan enjoying a private lounge with plenty of comfortable seating and onboard service. When Maeve attempts to escape Westworld in "The Bicameral Mind", she boards the train in a car with more public, open seating (though still highly comfortable).

The Monorail carries some onboard staff, either human or host. An example is the minor character of the Stewardess, seen attending to William and Logan while they travel to the park.

The Monorail Terminal at the Mesa Hub is capable of housing several trains, as clearly seen in a scene where Charlotte Hale and Lee Sizemore are conversing on the upper storey of the terminal.

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