No man is safe who refuses to defend his own land.

–Musashi to Maeve about his decision to stay at the Snow Lake, in "Phase Space"

Musashi is a character in HBO's Westworld. He is played by Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada.



Musashi was created by Lee Sizemore as Shōgunworld's counterpart to Hector Escaton. Sizemore claims he felt justified in copying large parts of Hector's code, as he was under stress to create 300 new narratives in 3 weeks.

According to his backstory, Musashi used to be second in command in the Shogun's army. After he left, his place was taken by Tanaka.

Host Version Edit

Musashi/Dolores is a host based on Musashi's appearance created by Dolores Abernathy. He contains a copy of her pearl one of the five pearls Dolores took with her when she escaped the Parks - so Musashi/Dolores started out as a copy of Dolores as she was at or about that time.


Season TwoEdit

"Virtù e Fortuna"Edit

As Maeve's group proceeds through the forest, Musashi appears and rushes ahead to attack.

"Akane No Mai"Edit

However, Musashi stops and causes no harm. Maeve is about to give the order to fire when they are lassoed and made helpless - despite having modern firearms against Japanese Edo period swords. The katana wielding man and his associates take them captive. Maeve tries to control them using voice commands but, for some reason, this doesn't work and they gag her. They reach a Japanese town that's oddly familiar, and realize that the same narrative loops play out in both Westworld and Shōgunworld. Out there, Musashi is challenged by a younger man who accuses him of stealing the horse he's riding. Musashi admits this and kills him, after which enters Akane's teahouse. Inside the saloon, Musashi is making his introductions and talking with Japanese "Maeve" (Akane), while his gang is stealing the safe. The conversation and events follow the Westworld version closely. The scene plays out just as in Mariposa, with Musashi's men deciding to take Sakura, the equivalent of Westworld's Clementine Pennyfeather with them - but they are interrupted by Maeve who enters and demands, in Japanese, that they stop fighting and talk. Akane, recognizing herself in Maeve, agrees.

After Akane kills the emissary and shogun's ninjas attack, Musashi takes part in defence, killing some of them. The Shogun's army parade into town - Sizemore protesting that they never do that. The commander, Tanaka, calls Akane out and the group discusses what to do inside the brothel. Maeve says she has a plan and Musashi goes out to meet Tanaka in order to buy some time for her. Hector and Armistice soon join Musashi in a fight outside, where they are quickly defeated and captured. 

"Phase Space"Edit

In the courtyard, Maeve's group runs into Tanaka. He asks if they have come to watch the execution of HectorArmistice, and Musashi, or if she has come to make a trade. She offers to let him live if they all walk out of there. He says they can leave, but Akane must stay. Maeve begins to use her new voice on Tanaka, but Musashi stops her and asks for a duel instead, appealing to Tanaka’s ego. They fight and Musashi cuts off Tanaka’s hand. In a show of honor, he allows Tanaka to commit seppuku, after which he decapitates him.

The group, excluding Lee, Sylvester and Felix, follows Akane to a shrine where she places Sakura’s heart. Hanaryo starts a fire and cremates the heart. Musashi and Akane choose not to follow Maeve back to Westworld, but Hanaryo goes with them. They all respectfully say their goodbyes.

Season Three Edit

"The Mother of Exiles"Edit

Musashi/Dolores is discovered by Maeve Millay to be a member of the Yakuza. Maeve is surprised by his comeback, however, she starts to realize he's not the real Musashi. Musashi/Dolores reveals he is a copy of Dolores and tells Maeve he has to stop her. After a brief fight, he overpowers Maeve and stabs with a katana, leaving her on the floor to bleed out.

"Passed Pawn"Edit

Musashi/Dolores is seen in Jakarta with his men. He receives a call from Hale who informs him that Dolores lets her copies die and proposes him to join her new plan. He refuses her proposal and learns that his location was leaked by her to someone else. While heading to exit, he and his men encounter Clementine Pennyfeather. After a brief bitter conversation, she tries to attack him, but he flees. While Clem is dealing with his men, Musashi/Dolores turns around and prepares to leave only to be impaled with a katana by Hanaryo. She decapitates him and leaves with Clementine, holding his head as a trophy.

Related CasualtiesEdit

This list shows the victims Musashi has killed:

  • 3 unnamed Shōgunworld villagers (Scripted, Physical Body)
  • 2 unnamed shogun's ninjas (Physical Body)
  • Tanaka (Physical Body)

This list shows the victims Musashi/Dolores has killed:


Musashi Edit

After losing his position at shogun's army, Musashi became a cold-blooded outlaw who doesn't hesitate before killing innocent people. On the other side, he adheres to a samurai code of honor when it comes to people he knows and cares about. As seen from his relationship with Akane, he's willing to protect "damsels in distress".

Musashi/Dolores Edit

The host version shares his character with Dolores' dark side: ruthless and dangerous, he doesn't hesitate before killing people.




As Hector does with Maeve, Musashi respects and protects Akane, even though he robs her teahouse.


Dolores AbernathyEdit

Musashi/Dolores seems to completely obey Dolores; he obeys her orders without hesitation.

Known DeathsEdit

Musashi/Dolores had died 1 time on screen. The incidents which he died are as follow:





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