Narrative factions are various groups of host actors and participating guests in the storytelling and "gameplay" fiction of each of the Delos Destinations parks. These groups share certain common characteristics, common goals and common themes. The factions exist to add greater depth to the narratives offered by the parks, help generate storytelling conflict, and challenge the ethics, diplomatic skills and physical skills of the guests.

Due to their diversity and differences, factions are often in an antagonistic or, at best, ambivalent relationship with each other. The hosts are often even programmed with various prejudices towards particular factions and their members, especially if a certain faction is seen as an enemy by another one. However, many hosts (as well as guests) show some fluidity in their loyalty, and a willingness to interact with a large number of factions, even ones opposed to each other.

Known factions Edit

Westworld Edit

Image Name Description Character examples
Bandits and outlaws Outlaws, bandits, thieves and other criminals who pester the civilian population and law enforcement in Westworld. One of the commonest types of narratives in Westworld are guests participating in bounty hunts on wanted criminals, or on foiling an ongoing robbery, heist or kidnapping. Hector Escaton's gang (Hector, Armistice, Tenderloin)
Rebus and Walter
Horace Calhoun
Lawrence (part-time)
Slim Miller (also associated with the Revolutionaries)
Confederados ("The Army of New Virginia") Hosts representing former soldiers of the Confederate States of America, who continue operations as a ramshackle remnant army of self-governing mercenaries. They mostly inhabit the Westworld region known as New Virginia and their main possession is Fort Forlorn Hope. Their main enemy is The Union Army and they seem antagonistic towards the Revolutionaries. The Union Army and Confederados engage mainly in the War narrative. Colonel Brigham
Captain Norris
Major Craddock
various soldiers, etc.
Teddy surrounded The Stray
Cultists A variable villainous faction (or factions), used in the park's horror-themed narratives. Dr. Ford mentions the older narrative "Dinner Party", in which the host that later portrayed Peter Abernathy played the role of "The Professor", the well-educated, but deranged leader of a cannibal cult. In the present day of Westworld, there are wandering bands of armed cultists who wear stylised masks and attack groups of guests and their host guides mostly at night time. Angela seems to be a civilian accomplice of the cult. Peter Abernathy (formerly, as "The Professor")
Angela (present day)
various masked and armed cult members
Ghost nation village
Ghost Nation Hosts representing the original Native American inhabitants of the area. They are mostly based on Plains Indian cultures, living a semi-nomadic existence as hunter-gatherers. Due to (programmed) prejudice from other Westworld hosts, members of the Ghost Nation mostly keep to themselves, to avoid persecution. They fight both on foot and as horse archers. In the present day of the park, some of the Ghost Nation men often play the role of "savage raiders" in certain enemy ambush narratives. Akecheta (apparent leader)
various others
El lazo lawrence
Revolutionaries This faction is associated primarily with the War narrative. Members of the faction are a diverse group, mainly consisting of people from Pariah and Las Mudas. The ranks of the revolutionaries and some of their associates include former or active bandits. The group's traditional leader is El Lazo (in various iterations, played by different hosts). The closest thing to the faction's main seat of power seems to be the outlaw town of Pariah. El Lazo (leader, formerly played by Lawrence and El Lazo (II))
Slim Miller (associate)
various recruits, former soldiers and bandits
Angelaearlydaysww81736087 (1)
Settlers Represent the civilian settlers of the Wild West, and are the broadest faction of the Westworld park. They include the people of the four main towns (Sweetwater, Las Mudas, Pariah, Escalante), settlers on family farms and ranches, prospectors and outdoor workers, and local law enforcement. Outwardly, the hosts of this faction show a wide range of various ethnic ancestries. Along with the Ghost Nation, they seem to be the only faction that includes child characters. Maeve Millay (homesteader, later brothel madam), Peter Abernathy, Mrs. Abernathy, Dolores Abernathy (owners of Abernathy Ranch), Clementine Pennyfeather (Sweetwater prostitute), Lawrence's Wife, Lawrence's Daughter (Las Mudas locals), Sheriff Pickett, Sheriff Reed, Deputy Foss (law enforcement), the woodcutter (member of a prospector camp), Kissy (Sweetwater cardsharp, native ancestry), Fortune Teller (in Pariah), Dr. O'Rourke (Sweetwater GP), bartenders, male and female barkeeps, railroad workers of Chinese descent, etc.
WestS1E06 03
The Union Army Represent soldiers of the Union, i.e. the United States, in the first decades after the American Civil War. One of their base of operations is an unnamed Union Army camp and their main enemies are the Confederados. The Union Army and Confederados engage mainly in the War narrative. Wyatt (Teddy's backstory)
Teddy Flood (former soldier, backstory)
various soldiers (branding soldier, Union soldier, Union scout, Union wagon crew, the unnamed soldiers from Odyssey on Red River), etc.

Shōgunworld Edit

Image Name Description Character examples
Sw musashi gang sodegarami
Outlaws Outlaws, robbers and wandering ronins who pester the civilian population and law enforcement in Shōgunworld. Musashi's gang (Musashi, Hanaryo, Koda)
Shogan world about the behead Maeve
The Shōgun's Army Represent the aristocratic retainers, vassals, soldiers and servants of the Shōgun in Shōgunworld. The Shōgun, samurai, guards, ninja mercenaries
Subjects of the Shōgun Represent the civilian population of Edo period Japan. Akane, Sakura (geishas at a local teahouse), town guards, local townsmen and peasants

Warworld Edit

Image Name Description Character examples
SS and townspeople in Warworld
SS Represent the occupying SS soldiers and officers in Warworld TBA
SS and townspeople in Warworld
Italian Civilian Represent the civilian population of Italy during World War II TBA

The Raj Edit

Any specific factions present in this park are currently unknown. Some of its India-themed locals are part of a civilian population and others serve as native guides on hunting trips, and similar. The only known named character is Ganju, a backwoods guide.

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  • Narrative and Design - Responsible for the design of characters and factions for the narratives.
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