Dr. Natasha Lang is a psychiatrist at the Inner Journey Recovery Center.

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Natasha is a psychiatrist at the Inner Journey Recovery Center , working with the Category U patients. She has borderline personality disorder, and was assessed - by Rehoboam - to be at risk of addiction to opioids and multiple affairs with her patients.

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Season ThreeEdit

"Decoherence" Edit

Natasha Lang was assigned to treating William at Inner Journey's and questions him about Emily, his daughter. It emerges that he hasn't admitting to killing his daughter. Her phone interrupts her with the message that her profile is ready to be viewed. More messages than usual from her family are on her phone and she casually remarks to William that her family know not to call her when she's working.

She suggests PTSD therapy and William says he doesn't need it but doesn't have a response when she asks if he's having intrusive thoughts. She says that he needs to explore and not run from the truth of what happened. He says he doesn't need it, but then becomes upset and says that he didn't mean what happened, that he thought he was still in a game. He realises now that it was his daughter he killed and says that he deserves to be dead.

While William is admitting to another person that he killed his daughter - perhaps for the first time, Natasha checks her phone and doesn't hear him.

She reads her Incite Inc. profile, which is now public and predicts that she will lose her license to practice within 2 years and that she's a risk for multiple affairs with her patients and opioid addiction - a message from her husband says that he's taken the children and that she's not to try and contact them. She apologises to William and leaves.

She commits suicide by hanging herself later that day, William sees this from the corridor outside her office.

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Killed By

After learning of her husband's reaction to her profile released by Dolores, Natasha decides to end her life and hangs herself at work.

Related CasualtiesEdit

This list shows the victims Natasha has killed:

  • Herself (Suicide)

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