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Nathan Hale is a recurring character in season three of Westworld who debuted in the third episode. Nathan is the son of Charlotte Hale and her ex-husband, Jake.





"The Absence of Field"

Nathan is first introduced in a video recorded by his mother, Charlotte, amid the crisis in the Westworld and surrounding Delos parks. In the video — which is watched by the host masquerading as Hale — Charlotte tells Nathan that she loves him and sings his favourite song for him amid fears that the two will never see one another again.

Later, host Hale arrives home to find Jake at her apartment. Jake is angry that Charlotte forgot to pick up their son, Nathan. The host goes to talk with Nathan, however Nathan is clearly aware that the host is not his mother and remarks that he wants his real mother back. The following day, the host witnesses a child predator sitting with Nathan. She kills the man and steals his dog as a gift for Nathan.


Nathan is ushered into a car by Charlotte along with his father, Jake. She tells Nathan that she is going to take them somewhere safe, and that they will all be fine. Moments later, however, on orders from Engerraund Serac, Hale's car is blown up by one of his associates; Nathan and Jake die instantly, leaving only Hale surviving.


Killed By

To eliminate Charlotte's host version, Serac orders his men to track down and blow up the Charlotte's car. Nathan, alongside his father Jake Hale, doesn't survive the explosion.


Little is known about Nathan. He likes animals, specifically elephants and dogs. This is demonstrated in the elephant toy with which he plays when his mother tucks him in at night. His love of dogs is shown by his interest in the dog owned by the pedophile depicted in S3E3. He may also be able to perceive that something is wrong with his mother after she is replaced by a host.



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