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El Lazo is character and Host in HBO's Westworld. He is played by Giancarlo Esposito.


Season Two[]


When the Man in Black and Lawrence arrive in Pariah looking for men to recruit, El Lazo interrupts them and his men come out of the shadows. The MiB tries to get him to follow them west, El Lazo refuses. MiB tries to force him and El Lazo says "This game was meant for you William, but you must play it alone." - Robert Ford's words. As El Lazo finishes, his men all shoot themselves in the head, apparently committing suicide.

El Lazo then does the same to himself with William's own gun.

The MiB shoots El Lazo's body several times, saying "Fuck you Robert". As they leave the MiB says that the place they're heading to is his greatest mistake.

Known Deaths[]

New El Lazo had died 1 time on screen. The incidents which he died are as follow:

  • Shot in his head by himself, in Reunion