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I think if I'm gonna get on with my life, I'm gonna have to find something... someone real.


"Parce Domine" is the first episode of the third season of Westworld, and the twenty-first episode overall.


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Beihai, China[]

Focal Point: Beihai, China. 21.4813N, 109.1202E

Gerald with the tablet

We see a large, modern cliff-top home from the sea. Inside the house an elegantly dressed Asian woman, Eunice, takes something from an Asian servant and heads out onto the balcony. A German man, Gerald is reading a tablet and is in conversation with his employee, Elliot. Gerald is angry, and discussing the situation (and deaths) at the Delos parks. He tells Elliot to sell his shares in Delos, Elliot says that regulations make this impossible, and that Gerald will have to wait his turn. The woman tells than the man that dinner is ready, he shouts at her, and then at his Elliot - telling him to make it happen.

Later, the computer system controlling the house is cut off from the outside world and also detects increasing CO2 levels; the house becomes physically locked down. The man wakes to the sound of Opera being played on the sound system. Alarmed at this, and the fact that he cannot wake Eunice, he calls for security. Neither responds, however and he tries to call for medical help, and the system informs him that they're currently cut-off from the outside world; contact is not possible. Furthermore, the doors to the exterior are locked and the system cannot open them. Through the window he catches a glimpse of Dolores Abernathy, naked and swimming in his outside pool.

Finishing her swim, Dolores puts on a robe and comes inside. The man is surprised to find that the doors open for her without incident.

Ww s3e1 Dolores (China).jpg

Dolores tells the man that they met in one of Delos' parks before his first wedding — a flashback shows that Dolores was raped in the park by Gerald. She also knows everything about him, given she has accessed the data collected by Delos' systems.

Ww3e1 Dolores & Gerald1.gif

She puts a pair of spectacles on him, and he begins experiencing flashes of a woman — presumably his first wife — being physically abused by him; he then leaves the woman in the pool, dead. He tells Dolores that she slipped and fell, however Dolores is reluctant to believe him. After forcing him to turn over electronic documents, Dolores leaves. The man follows her attempting to attack her with a golf club, however he slips, hits his head and dies in the pool. When Eunice enters and asks what is going on, Dolores tells her that she has set her free.

Los Angeles[]

Focal Point: Los Angeles, United States. 34.0522N, -118,2437W

George working on the outside of a building

Caleb Nichols wakes to a call from Francis; he rejects the call, however. Walking to work, Caleb takes the call from Francis again, and it is revealed that Caleb was previously a soldier. He arrives at work and removes a padlock from a functional — and tough — looking humanoid robot, who has limbs but looks like a robot more than human. George, follows instructions but does not speak. George works on the exterior of a building, climbing without any support. We see them both sitting on an exposed girder at great height while Caleb eats his lunch.

Caleb visits his mother in hospital. She is unable to recognise him, however, and he is quickly alerted by the staff that she must be moved because of the costs associated with her care. Walking home, Caleb chooses illegal jobs from an app, Rico, that lists various crimes that he can commit for money.

Caleb meets Ash and Giggles

He chooses a job called "Redistributive Justice" that requires no harm to people and needs stats of 3.0 or more. Caleb picks up a case from a woman on the underground and goes to a bar. He meets Ash and Giggles, they talk about the job Caleb has accepted. Ash shows him a jamming device that affects the implants of those around him. With this, the three of them steal from an ATM nearby, walking away without arousing suspicion.

Delos Board Meeting[]

Ww s3e1 Hale in Delos.jpg

We see the host body of Charlotte Hale step out of a Delos owned taxi. She joins a board meeting that's discussing the recent problems at Delos and the search for Bernard Lowe. The board does not agree with Hale's wish to take the company private, and expresses concern, with one member expressing that he wishes to withdraw funding. She disagrees, however and mutes him, stating that lawsuits will settle and host production will restart immediately.

Bernard Lowe[]

Ww s3e1 Bernard with cow.jpg

Bernard is seen hiding out from Delos on a farm. He finds a young cow who has broken its leg and begins to comfort the animal, however a man shortly arrives remarking that the animal will be slaughtered. Bernard reads a news article

Bernard runs self-diagnostic tests

about himself and the search for him; two men nearby notice that it is him and point this out. Later that night, Bernard runs self-diagnostic tests. He asks when he was last in contact with Dolores, and it is revealed that they have not been in contact since the fall of the parks — 90 days previous.

London, U.R.E.W.[]

Location: 51.5074N, 0.1278W
Ww s3e1 Dolores in special dress.gif

Dolores is in an automated taxi, she is wearing a short black dress. She arrives at a location that has the London Eye on the other side of the Thames. As she walks into the party she pulls down the front of her dress which transforms into a full length, gold evening gown.

Dolores' golden dress.

Liam, is giving a speech about building a brighter future. Afterward, Liam greets Dolores as "Lara". A woman Penny, recognises Dolores as the woman she'd seen Liam with before. She quizzes Dolores about her background, but Dolores is evasive and dismissive of her questions.

Later, Roderick talks to a group including Liam and Dolores. He theorises that might be living in a simulation, that Delos might have put a simulation within a simulation. Dolores says that people just believe the things that help them, and says that a part of the human evolved to believe in God.

Liam talks to an older man, Martin Connells, who says their partners want to meet because they have a problem. Liam tells Martin that he is leaving for Los Angeles later that night, therefore cannot meet. Nevertheless, Martin insists that the partners will not wait. Liam asks Dolores to come with him back to the States, she says that she will.


Ww s3e1 Caleb at morning.gif

The next morning, Caleb wakes up and tells Francis that he's trying to keep his thoughts up so he can stay employed. He meets with a therapist and admits that he's been talking with Francis occasionally. The therapist notes that Francis served with Caleb during a challenging time. He asks Caleb what he thinks, and Caleb says that his benefits are conditional on his participating. The therapist asks how he got there, and Caleb remembers serving with Francis. Caleb says nothing, and the therapist tells him that if he doesn't try, the program definitely won't work.

Caleb leaves and his phone rings. It's Francis, and Caleb gets another Rico job. He goes to a club, and Francis tells him that things will work out. Caleb isn't convinced, and follows the Rico locator to a naked man screaming after he took beta limbics. The man screams about shadow people, and the host tells Caleb that the man is too rich to go to jail. Giggles tries to give the drugged man tranquilizers, and Caleb tries to calm them down. Giggles punches the man and Caleb holds him as they inject a tranquilizer.

Dolores and Liam[]


The next day, Dolores and Liam fly back to LA. She notes that Incite Inc. controls the city, and Liam says that they're just a technology company and thanks to his dad, they have the best AI.

Liam and Dolores arrive at a skyscraper, where Liam introduces her to Rehoboam, the most advanced AI in the world. Liam remarks that his father sketched the entire thing in a weekend, but the concept took fifteen years to build. After years of optimisation, they lost count of the amount of thoughts the machine has per second. Liam explains that his father thought that if could chart a path for everyone, he could make a perfect world. Martin comes over, and Liam goes over to see him. When Liam asks if the meeting can wait — gesturing towards Dolores — Martin remarks that it cannot. Liam bids farewell to Dolores, who tells him that she can take care of herself.

Dolores in "Incite"

She is directed towards a motorbike and begins following Liam. Arriving at a hotel, she asks the assistant to rent her an apartment. She heads into the terrace where she is able to watch Liam and his meeting with a woman named Martel. Martel says that they've detected a sophisticated level of turbulence in the data. Liam says that Rehoboam would alert them if anyone tried, but Martel is reluctant to accept Liam's confidence. They don't share Liam's confidence, and Liam says that Martel does what "he" tells her to.

Liam said that he should concern himself with what happened at Delos, and Martel wonders if Liam is using the system to look at them. Martel remarks that getting rid of Liam would be easy, given Rehoboam's potential to strategise a cover up. Liam glances at Martin, who shakes his head. After a moment, Liam and Martin leave.


Ww s3e1 Caleb in factory.jpg

At the factory, the two workers approach Bernard. Bernard says that he doesn't want trouble, they address him as "Bernard Lowe" and know he's on the run. One of them holds up a wanted poster, and Bernard tells them that it's not what they think. One of the men jabs him with a cattle prod, then grabs him. Bernard says that there is something bad coming and he doesn't know how to stop it. Bernard tells him to remember himself, and not to hurt the men too badly. He activates his remote and easily disposes of the two men, then switches back to the real Bernard. Bernard sees the two men and walks out.


Ww s3e1 Caleb frustrayted.jpg

Caleb wakes up the next morning, and Francis tells him that he has to face the truth. As Caleb goes about his day, he wonders why they're talking, and Francis says that everyone needs someone to talk to. That night, Sean from DCA calls Caleb and says that his application was strong but their strategy group hasn't found an opening. Caleb sighs in frustration and thanks him, and Caleb asks if there's a different shape he can twist himself into. Sean doesn't respond, and Caleb realizes that Sean's is not human, but AI and doesn't understand him. He uses Rico, and continues with small-time illegal crime in order to financially support himself.

Dolores and Liam[]

Ww s3e1 Dolores & Liam.jpg

Arriving home, Dolores checks herself in the mirror, and hears Liam arguing with someone on the phone. She takes him a flute of champagne and asks if something is wrong. Liam tells her that he wanted the night to be theirs. Concerned, Dolores tells Liam that there's nothing he can tell her that will change how she feels about him, and Liam says that he wishes he could turn off Rehoboam off. Dolores questions why he doesn't — given he controls it — and Liam reveals that he doesn't, and never has. After his father died, his partner locked Liam out of the system. All he can do is read the outer limits, and Liam warns Dolores that no one other than the original architect knows what the system is doing.

Dolores asks who the architect is, and Liam says that Rehoboam would know if he told her and Liam would already be dead just like his father. Dolores says that she knows that he trusts her as Martin enters and tasers Dolores unconscious. Martin tells Liam that Dolores is an imposter, and says that she used fake-ID to get where she is. The real Lara was a teenager who died in Kiev, and her blood and tissue were stolen. Martin takes out a gun and says that Dolores sent an encrypted text to an underpass.

When Liam suggests that they call the police, Martin grabs him by the throat and says that he safeguarded the company when he worked for Liam's father, and he'll clean things up. Martin has his men haul Dolores to a plane on the rooftop after tying her up, and they fly to a landing area in a darkened park.


Ww s3e1 Caleb in action1.jpg

Caleb goes to a parking garage to pick up a package; the man he picks up from remarks that he is unaware of the contents of the package. He points to a nearby car and Caleb takes the package and follows directions, driving to a landing pad. The plane arrives, and the man waiting for Liam takes the bag and removes the package. He tells Caleb to beat it, and draws a gun, pointing it at his head. Unimpressed, Caleb says that he's been shot in the head before, and the man lowers the gun.

Caleb walks away, and the man goes to the plane and gives Martin the package. Martin has his men take the unconscious Dolores to the car Caleb drove there. They put her in, close the door, and drive off.


Ww s3e1 Dolores captured.jpg

Martin stops the car outside of a building and waits for a while. When he realises that the locals are not coming, he remarks that they are probably scared. He turns on the music, goes to the back, and gives the package to the man sitting with Dolores. The man opens it, revealing several syringes inside, and Martin figures that two will do it. Martin tells the unconscious Dolores that no one will miss her, and the man in the car gives her an injection to the neck as Martin walks away. When he comes back, his henchman says that he gave Dolores two injections and she's still breathing. Irritated, Martin grabs a syringe and prepares to kill her himself.

A car pulls up, and Martin draws his gun with intention of confronting the driver. He realises that the car is empty, and is a little confused. Meanwhile, Dolores produces a cutting blade from her hand, kills the henchman, grabs his gun, and shoots the man in the front seat. She kills Martin's other men, gets back in the car, and drives off after Martin as he escapes in one of the remaining cars.


Francis calls Caleb and asks if he has time to talk. The two talk, but it is clear that Caleb is preoccupied thinking about the events he had just witnessed. Francis tells Caleb that even if the game is rigged, he still has to play to win. Caleb says that the real Francis didn't think that way — revealing that the person he is talking to isn't entirely human — and he thought the system didn't care about them. Francis thought they had to stick together, but Francis never had to live in the world because he never made it back.

The AI of Francis suggests that they talk about Francis, but Caleb refuses and concludes that talking with the synthetic personality isn't working. He figures that he has to find someone real, and tells the AI that he's discontinuing his treatment. He then removes his earbud and walks away.


Dolores continues to chase Martin, who stops his car and gets out. Wounded, he limps away but Dolores is able to follow, and shoots him down. She walks over and says that they met once before when he was on vacation. Dolores asks who has control of Rehoboam. Martin reluctantly divulges the name "Serac", but reveals that Dolores won't need to find Serac because Serac has a system and is probably looking for her. Martin tells Dolores that she will never get close to Liam, and she tells him that she won't have to because he will. A car pulls up and a host version of Martin shoots Martin in the head.

The host version notices that Dolores is hurt, having been shot in the side. She tells him that it doesn't matter and she'll handle Martin's men that are coming. Martin's men from the nearby landing zone come over and see Dolores as she puts Martin's body in the host's car and sends it on its way. The men open fire, and Dolores calls in the motorbike.

Caleb and Dolores[]

As Caleb returns to the landing zone, he sees the plane fly away. Dolores kills the men attacking her, one at a time. The last one sees her limping away and steps out to shoot her, but is killed as the motorbike hits him. Caleb hears the shots and approaches, finding Dolores wounded. He asks if she needs some help, however she collapses before she is able to reply.


The next day, Bernard walks to a nearby village in Palawan Island, Philippines. He approaches a boat captain and offers him money to take him to a spot on a map. When the captain asks where he's going, Bernard says "Westworld". After a minute, the boat leaves with Bernard aboard.



Maeve wakes up in a house and discovers that she's wearing 1940s clothing and holding a revolver. She hears someone and goes into the next room, and finds a bloody man tied to a chair. He speaks German, and Maeve goes to the window and realizes that she's in an Italian village occupied by Nazis.


  • Isaac Gonzalez Rossi as Estefan
  • Kristy Munden as Mrs. Nichols
  • Jacob Demonte-Finn as Bellowing man
  • Kimberly Connolly as Woman
  • Alain Ali Washnevsky as Broker
  • Ying Sayun as Eunice
  • Emmie Nagata as Wife
  • Koji Niiya as Man
  • Scott Connors as Bodyguard
  • Jenson Cheng as Liang
  • Robert Morgan as Buchan
  • John Trejo as Second Bodyguard
  • Andrea Martina Isenschmid as German singer
  • Gregory Zarian as Reed Phillips
  • Tuen Wai Meng as Fisherman
  • Nico Conde as Captive
  • Alena Savostikova as Rico model
  • Cassandra Blair as Administrator
  • Dorian Kingi as George
  • Cheryl Chitty Tan as Backpack woman
  • Bo Zhang as Farm worker
  • Xiaodong Yang as Farm worker
  • Marc Hertle as Flirting man

Uncredited cast info is taken from IMDB and may not be otherwise verified.

  • Janice Blue as Upscale Guest (uncredited)
  • Jenna Curtis as Upscale Lady (uncredited)
  • Frederick Keeve as Upscale Man (uncredited)
  • Brian Nuesi as Upscale Patron (uncredited)
  • Cailan Robinson as Gala VIP (uncredited)
  • Joshua Nylan Tanner as Model (uncredited)

Trivia and other[]

Parce Domine in Gregorian notation

  • Parce Domine is a Roman Catholic antiphon. The text is derived from Joel 2:17.
    • In Latin: Parce, Domine, parce populo tuo: ne in aeternum irascaris nobis.
    • In English: Spare, Lord, spare your people: Be not angry with us forever.

  • Caleb Nichols: Sometimes it seems that the world is alright. They put a coat of paint on it. But inside it's rotting to pieces.
  • Dolores Abernathy: You may not believe in a higher power, but your mind was built to.

  • Di Quella Pira (by Giuseppe Verdi). Plays at Gerald's house.
  • 99 Luftballons (by Nena). Caleb meets with Ash and Giggles.
  • Bubbles Buried in This Jungle (by Death Grips). Plays during the Rico heist.
  • Dissolved Girl (originally by Massive Attack). Instrumental cover plays when Dolores arrives at the party.
  • Human (by Sevdaliza). Plays when Caleb enters the club.
  • Common People (by Pulp). Plays when Dolores is held captive in the car, kills Connell's people and takes the car.
  • Pulp_-_Common_People_(Official_Video)

    Pulp - Common People (Official Video)

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