Penny is a recurring character in the third season of Westworld. She is a wealthy associate of Liam Dempsey Jr. and appears to be Roderick's girlfriend or partner.


Background Edit

Penny is a young woman from presumably wealthy background, who is in a relationship with Roderick and is friends with Liam Dempsey.

Parce Domine Edit

Penny, alongside Roderick, are both in London to witnessing Liam Dempsey Jr. holding a  speech about building a brighter future.

She meets Dolores Abernathy (using the fake ID Lara Espin), whom she finds fascinating, as she appears to be different from other women Liam has pursued.

She, alongside Roderick, Liam and Dolores, are later seen drinking and enjoying themselves, until Roderick starts talking about the nature of reality, stating that they could live in a simulation, similar to the hosts in the parks of Delos.

Penny herself appears annoyed by Roderick's pseudo-philosophical statements.

The Mother of Exiles Edit

Penny and Roderick later arrive in Los Angeles, taking part in the same masked orgy as Liam.

She appears to be sorry for Liam about the apparent death of Lara, being ignorant that it was Liam and Connells that tried to organise her death. Her empathy was not shared by Roderick, who wanted to Liam to enjoy the carnal pleasures the orgy had to offer.

While she appeared more reserved that her lover Roderick, she eventually decided take drugs and join a side-show at the orgy.

She later witnesses the fight between Dolores Abernathy and Ashley Stubbs, but presumably views it as a hallucination of the drugs she has used.


Penny appears often as more kind and empathetic than her boyfriend, showing sadness for Liam over the apparent death of Lara/Dolores. It is not known whether this is actually empathy, or just an act to appear more sympathetic.

She, similarly to her boyfriend and many others of wealth upperclass of the world, also enjoys an lifestyle of excess, which induces alcohol, drugs and sex with paid partners.

She also shows some intelligence, as she notices something different in Dolores, stating that she appears different to other women Liam has pursued, despite having no idea who or what Dolores really is.


Roderick Edit

Roderick and Penny are in a relationship, but it is not known whether it romantic or just a casual partnership among the elites. They appear to be both having physical and sexual relations with paid individuals.

Penny appears to be annoyed at Roderick's attempts at "philosophy", such as the idea of all humans living in a simulation.

Liam Dempsey Jr. Edit

Penny appears to be a friend of Liam, being more encouraging and empathetic to him, especially after the apparent death of Dolores/Lara.


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